"Made in China" makes me nauseous

>> December 30, 2008

Today, I decided to write a post about why I don't like China. After writing about Sudan, like a week ago, I was like "man, I need to tell everyone why I don't like China. People probably think I'm mean." However, I DO have reasons to not like them, but I also have reasons to like China. For instance, I love Chinese food, I really do. I'm not so sure how much I would love it in actual China though, since they have a lot of fish and things I wouldn't like (besides, I suck at chopsticks). I still remember when my friend, Carmen, thought it was hilarious when she ordered CHICKEN FEET one day and I was completely disgusted by it! That's another thing I like about China, it is where my friend Carmen was born, and I like my Carmen. Haha. Except that she is from Hong Kong... and that's different. (right?)

However, the reasons I can't stand China, overwhelmingly outweigh the reasons I like it. China offers very cheap labor, and strict-and sometimes nonexistent - labor laws, so many corporations go to China to have their products made for cheaper. I personally don't think that this should be allowed in the United States.. these products to be allowed to be made overseas, with less than perfect standards on not only work conditions such as child workers' ages, as well as no regulation for work shifts, and dirty conditions; but also because of the National Security risked by these products. It is not right that there have been so many breaches in recent years. Remember all the pets that died because of the tainted pet food with the common nauseating sticker of "Made in China"? or the lead paint found in toys, where some children died and many more became seriously ill! That is not okay, to risk America's children and loved ones to such dangers. Moreover, more recently, the baby formula crises in China, killed many infants because the workers were trying to make the formula stretch further - to make a better profit, those babies DIED because of money. Fortunately, none of it made its way to the United States, but still! These were innocent children.

I am a big supporter of the Endangered Species Act, and the prevention of poaching and illegal fishing. I don't believe that just because something tastes good, or is a traditional medical treatment, that it is okay to kill animals that are endangered. I believe in respecting the animals. I am not a vegetarian by any means, I believe in eating protein ;) but I don't understand why many people in China are adamant about killing certain animals, such as bears. This is uncalled for, and makes me really sad. It is going t be awful to have to explain to my Grandchildren that there used to be certain bears and wildlife, but they were pointlessly killed. I don't understand that.

Speaking of Oil.. I am now to the issue that probably pulls at my heartstrings the hardest: Darfur. I don't blame China for the fighting. I don't blame China for the killing directly. There were problems and issues in The Sudan long before China had any interest in the area. However, the part I don't understand, is the Chinese government is well aware of what is going on in Darfur now, and they have yet to join the forces with many in the International Community to try and stop it. I don't even care if they never have any interest in Sudan again. I just want them to leave. I want them to stop buying Sudan's oil, because by buying the oil from the corrupt Sudanese government, they are literally fueling the crises. And not only are they continuosly buying the oil, but they are rumored to be providing modern strategic weapons to BOTH SIDES of the conflict. How great is that? Unfortunately, China has their hand in many conflicts on the African continent. It does not stop in the Sudan.

But again, why should I be surprised? I know how China is when it comes to provinces in their own land, think: TIBET. Remember those protesting monks, and how the Chinese guards trounced on them in March? That was great, wasn't it? It was kind of reminiscent of Tiananmen Square. What is it about Tibet that the Chinese need to hold on to? What's in it for them??? (I want to know this answer.. I will find it, one of these days!)

Sigh.. China, China, China. They also ruined one of my favorite things: The Olympics. I have to give it to them though, they had a really awesome Opening and Closing Ceremony in Beijing, it was awesome. Nevertheless, what was up with them cheating when it came to ages I mean, did you see those gymnasts? There was no way that some of those girls were any older than 12. And I could go off about why didn't the IOC find anything in their research, and blah blah blah, but I won't. And i won't go into how there were also rumors about the divers' ages too. I really just don't understand it. Why would you cheat? Especially when it was held on your home stage? Many Chinese viewed Beijing 2008 as a great way of welcoming the world to their land, to showing off the wonder of it. In many ways, I think they succeeded. I still want to walk on the Great Wall, and I still really love Disney's Mulan. I just don't understand how they can be so ruthless. What happened to honor?

To rap up my very long ramblings (OOPS! Sorry!) I would like to say just one more thing. Lin Hao, the very awesome little boy that walked with Yao Ming during the Opening Ceremony in Beijing. He was a little hero during the Sichuan Earthquakes, I think that what he did was very heroic, and very awesome, and perhaps, just maybe gives me a little hope for the future of China. Maybe it's not all bad, Right?

This is why... "Made in China" makes me nauseous.

Maybe I should read this book: A Year Without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy

Disclaimer: in no way do I blame the Chinese people. I have friends that are Chinese.. I just have some issues with their government. Which, I have issues with my own government as well.. so no need to feel bad.

For an interesting read also check out this article: China's year of tumult and triumph, from BBC News, published Dec 26th of this year.


Amanda M January 1, 2009 at 1:56 PM  

I'm glad that you are always so up to date with current events!! It's awesome!!
That book sounds really cool!! It would probably be WAY hard to not buy things that were "Made in China", but I'm sure it could be done!
And I loved little Lin Hao!! Awww, he was way cute!! And one of my favorite parts of the Olympics!!

carmen January 2, 2009 at 3:14 AM  

Well, I don't know how much I like China, I know there are somethings going on over there are very wrong. Anyway, I am glad that you didn't stop liking me because I'm chinese. =)

Kim J January 5, 2009 at 10:55 PM  

I wished I could take a class on China to find out why they think the way they do. It seems so strange to me.

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