100 Things About Me

Originally published: October 2, 2008

1. I could stare at clouds all day

2. My favorite color is red

3. I love coloring

4. Think that's why I also love to dye my hair?

5. And paint my nails?

6. Hmm.. I doubt it's related to my love of cotton candy, or is it?

7. I am addicted to Days of Our Lives - That Stefano's hilarious..

8. I hate parking, just ask Ruby (my car)

9. My thumbs are 2 different sizes

10. I also had issues riding a bike

11. Fear of landing more than take off, on a plane

12. I am blind as a bat. Wait. How blind ARE bats?

13. Cannot spell, my mind is full of much more important matters

14. Therefore, I am a firm believer in Spell Check

15. I love babies

16. Very much am balanced challenged, good thing I am not a Gymnast!

17. Capitalize Words When They Aren't Supposed To Be- Call Me German

18. Always use conditioner.. My locks are addicted

19. Rode the Catapult at Lagoon with Amanda, and loved it!

20. We tried to do it again, but the park was closing :(

21. Have a strange addiction to learning new languages

22. Wonders why one of my favorite peoples calls me an "Old Soul" What does that mean?

23. Haven't really had my natural hair color since I was 15. What color was that?

24. Might actually graduate soon! SHOCKER I know!

25. Actually enjoys making pretty Excel charts - a proven sign of psychosis

26. Has tried so hard to not cut my hair

27. And now it's finally getting long

28. So of course I am debating chopping it off!

29. Die hard Beatles fan

30. Might actually like John Lennon more for his politics, than for his singing..

31. Nope, it's a toss up! My favorite song is IMAGINE

32. Love rainbows - and Rainbowbrite

33. Am an avid laugher, sometimes so hard there's not any sound left!

34. Used to put foundation on my lips

35. Apparently it was cool?

36. I don't do that any more

37. Am very competitive when it comes to games, even if it's just Clue

38. Love old movies

39. Especially Audrey Hepburn ones

40. Believe in all voting - have to have a voice!

41. Whether it is for Barack Obama on Nov 4

42. Or voting a million times for my favorite on American Idol

43. I take the best notes - and lots and lots of lists

44. My sister and I have our own Language

45. That sometimes doesn't even involve our voices

46. Recycle Nazi

47. Could eat Mexican food everyday

48. Most especially Cafe Rio

49. Or MY homemade Salsa..

50. Now I am getting hungry

51. I prefer Coke over Pepsi

52. Even their commercials are better

53. I'm a little OCD when it comes to lists..

54. In 5th grade I was a radio host

55. On my own radio station - with Sarah Woodman, and my sister Ashley

56. I was a real Barbie Fashionista

57. I would rather do their hair and clothes then make them talk

58. Prefer Wite Out strips over the liquid stuff

59. It gets everywhere!

60. Only bought an IPOD when it contributed to the Product (RED) Charity

61. But it was that IPOD that kept me sane on my lone train ride in Germany

62. Adores kittens over puppies, hands down

63. Somewhat addicted to Sonic Strawberry Limeades

64. Loves the L-O-N-G version of Pride & Prejudice (Ooooh Mr. Darcy!)

65. Convinced that Christopher Walken killed Natalie Wood

66. Why can't anyone else see that?

67. Watched West Side Story the other night, "I'm so pretty.. oh so pretty.. "

68. Really really wants to go to Ghana

69. I only text with one thumb

70. Want to work for UNICEF one day

71. When Love Stoned, by Justin Timberlake comes on, I just want to get up and dance

72. The best part is the end - where it's slow

73. I love his hat in that video

74. My brother says my Spaghetti is better than my dad's

75. That's a real compliment at my house

76. My sister and I used to feed our cats Cheetos

77. I can count to ten in 4 languages

78. I have a freckle on my left eyeball

79. I love Christina Aguilera's new song, Keeps Getting Better

80. Die hard Dallas Cowboys fan

81. Get very lost in my own world when I do Genealogy

82. Old pictures are the best

83. Owns a Magic 8 Ball and a Barrel of Monkeys

84. Love watching Sunsets

85. And dancing in the rain

86. Little kids' laughter is the best

87. Have a true good-for-sunglasses face

88. Despise vacuuming

89. Hold a pencil the right way, what's so hard?

90. Randomly belt out Britney Spears songs

91. And Disney Movie lines, with Ashley and Timmy of course

92. Get super frustrated with Republicans - Especially Sarah Palin

93. Reading is a luxury I enjoy

94. Really like gardening - Snapdragons are the best

95. My Grandpa Shirl taught me about them

96. I love Polar Bears

97. The first time I saw Big Ben, I skipped down the London street. Literally

98. Have memorable encounters with every European waiter I meet

99. I could spend all day in art museums

100. I could probably babble on all day.

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