Review of 2009

>> December 28, 2009

On January 5th, 2009.. this is what I said I would do, In 2009, and this is how I did

I wanted to... and how I did ...

  • Be a good student: I was a fairly good student. I really improved in the Spring 2009 semester, compared to the crazy, annoying Fall 2008 semester. But, Fall 2009 was also an annoying, hectic semester, mostly because I didn't really have enough time on the computer to really do my homework. SO the plan to fix that this upcoming year is to buy a laptop.
  • Graduate with my Associates of Arts in Social Work: didn't happen. :( But, I still made a lot of progress towards my degree. I just was unable to take all of the general classes, with my work schedule, so yeah.
  • Volunteer MUCH more: this also didn't happen as much. Sadness. But this will be a continuous goal!
  • Find a super great job: THIS just barely happened. I think. I hope. I pray. See the post from a few days ago, here: My Bday present from Lina, to read what I'm talking about.
  • Find an awesome resume-building Internship: I did the United Way internship. I need something else though, that one didn't really do much for me.
  • Eat healthier: THIS I definitely accomplished! HELL yes! I have lost about 35 pounds since last January, and I totally plan on keeping it up. I haven't had hardly any desserts during the Holidays! How crazy is that?
  • Plant a yummy Vegetable garden: someday.
  • Spend more time with Friends: I think I did this okay. But I really want to get together with both my high school friends, and my FHL friends.. along with my Rack friends much more this year.
  • Save money: hahahaha. Isn't that a funny thing? I planned on getting a "super great job" when I wrote this.. so lets just move this idea to 2010, and move on shall we?
  • Write letters to old friends (i.e.: the Babcocks): did emails instead. yes. yes.
  • Start the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program: This was a little delayed.. but I should start the program in May 2010, and then Gradate with my BA in Social Work, with a minor in French in May 2011. YEAH!
  • Spend more time with Family: Yahoo. We did this. For sure. With our Vegas vacation with the whole family, and then mine and Ash's trips to both Idaho and Arizona. Ash, my mom and I even went to a concert together, so this is good. good.
  • Blog more.. hahahaha Just kidding! This was a joke. But I actually didn't accomplish this. I blogged less. Hopefully with my better job, with nights, weekends, and holidays off I can work out to blog at least a little bit more than I have been recently. EH?
So, as you can see. I didn't exactly accomplish everything I planned on. BUT its good, because I had the goals written out, and I had plans for some of them - I should have had plans for all of them - but I think I did pretty well, and it was nice to have them published and out there. I will post my In 2010 goals next week! :)


Amanda M December 29, 2009 at 7:38 PM  

Good job my friend!! You did awesome!! I dont think I want to go back and look at my New Year's goal blog post!! haha!!

Shirley Hale December 31, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

Such a good idea! I am going to one special that I can look back on and talk about. As long as you made progress, it's awesome! Good job!

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