Countdown to Turkey Time

>> November 25, 2009

I am a big Holiday person. I like each holiday for different reasons.. and when people try to get me to choose my favorite, I end up saying "Christmas" because its true, December IS the best time of year.. I love the foods, the smells, the lights, the cheesy Christmas movies, a few Christmas songs, and the decorations.

However, I get a little annoyed at Christmas each year. Because it just keeps coming sooner and sooner! On ABC Family they have their "25 days of Christmas" each December, from December 1st until the Big Day. This year I've noticed they have a COUNTDOWN to the 25 days of Christmas! What?! There's already been some Christmas movies on, and I'm like, what? I'm confused. I truly believe that Christmas shouldn't start until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a Holiday too!!

So.. I decided to write a blog about Thanksgiving, and found this funny poem..
(Let's not discuss what many of us, including me, are thinking after we read this: No wonder America's fat!)

Belly Stuffer
Thanksgiving brings a terrible chore,
'Cause I’m forced to eat and eat some more.
If I don’t eat it up right down to dessert,
I fear the cook’s feelings will surely be hurt,
So I do my part, even though I suffer;
To be a good guest, I’m a belly stuffer.
By Karl Fuchs

as many of you know, I love Fall. The fabulous leaves are my favorite.. and when the snow comes (which I think always comes too early too!) I get a little sad, because the trees are then bare, and don't have any pretty leaves on them. I hate when Winter sets in. Ugh.

But, back to Thanksgiving.. What are your favorite things about Thanksgiving? To me,

Thanksgiving is..

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
Cuz who doesn't love giant balloons?

The Food:

Dallas Cowboy's Football!

and, Shopping!

oh, and family time is good too ;)
Ash, Me, and Timmy, Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


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