The Changeling

>> November 19, 2009

As mentioned a few posts back, I am a Netflix newbie. The first 2 movies I received were The Changeling, with Angelina Jolie, and Amelie, a French film, where I can't get the annoying French Director's commentary to turn off!! :: Sigh :: Has anyone seen The Changeling? Its kind of odd. And sad. And disturbing. I love Angelina Jolie, I really do. I think my favorite movie with her, is Beyond Borders. And all that Tomb Raider stuff.. is okay, but yeah. Anyway, I'm sure you can all guess that the reason I love Angelina, has pretty much nothing with her acting skills. Hint, think: UN.

I want that hat!

But... back to The Changeling. Its based on a true story, of a kidnapping, murder, and LA police corruption in the 1920's and 1930's, that includes them throwing Angelina's character into an insane asylum instead of just admitting that THEY had made a mistake. All because of an Election year. Of course. And to think their mistake wasn't a small one, they are trying to find Angelina's missing son, and when they supposedly "find him," its the wrong kid! So they try to convince her that it IS him, instead of admitting that they messed up. Argh. It made me hate the 1930's LA county police department that's for sure. Its just a disturbing story, and anything with children, that's disturbing, and yucky and murderous, just makes me feel kind of queasy.

When they bring her back "her son".. and she knows its not him.

However, I do have to say that the Direction by Clint Eastwood was good, and Angelina acted very well. And, I loved the colors of the film, the way it really felt and looked like the 1930's. In that I believed THEY were in the 1930s, but that perhaps I was watching a movie made during that time as well. Kudos for that.

But, all in all, my first netflix experience wasn't too grand. Let's hope for better movies next. Got any recommendations?


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