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>> May 18, 2009

i like bullets. haven't done them for awhiles. so lets get some random, non-capitalized, bullets. shall we?

  • as explained in this post, i was very excited for the grey's anatomy finale last thursday. i was not disappointed! i couldn't believe the twist with 007, and the elevator scene at the end. i personally believe that izzy will push the elevator back up, choose to come back to alex, and leave george behind :( or maybe that is what i'm hoping. i don't think i'll watch the show if izzie's not there. she was who got me interested in the show in the first place. always loved katie heigl. clear back from my father the hero .
  • haven't had our reviews at work yet. who knows what that means. i really thought they were supposed to be on friday, but they weren't. how annoying - we all know that she had to turn them in to HR and management on thursday , so its not like she's pondering what to say. geeeze.
  • i have a wii fit addiction. i have lost give or take, 7 pounds, because of that beautiful invention. i have also been struggling to eat right as well. but i had pizza on thursday night, and friday afternoon, and it made me feel so sick and greasy by friday night! i guess pizza no longer does well in my we eat a lot of vegetables body.
  • there's a new wii thing now: wii active. i want it. anyone want to buy nikki a present? cuz that's what she wants.
  • american idol: i hope adam wins. i truly do. i guess whatever happens, happens. because really, adam will be going places either way. and in all honesty, they both will. i just like winning, so i think he should win, because i think he deserves it. capiche?
  • had a lot of fun with amanda last week, at costa vida. she's so funny. i love it. we are planning on screaming our lungs out on the catapult again this year, june 13th, here we come.
  • notice how i'm planning a month ahead? thats what i've been doing lately. i'm like "okay, so wanna go to see that movie? i can go monday or wednesday.." and then i have it all planned out. i don't know if its because i feel like i don't have a lot of evenings off, so when i do, i'm like k lets go! but i amuse myself. at least i already know i'm going to lagoon at least twice. plus, i gotta go with the brother and sister at least once. i love lagoon. its my version of a vacation this summer. don't judge.
  • i'm going to see angels and demons this week. yay for me. i loved the book. but maybe that is just cuz i loved roma.
  • i told hikmet i can't do the book festival this year, a few days ago. i felt bad. i really wanted to do it, but where i'm working full time at the rack, and taking 17 credits, i just don't think its mathematically possible to fit in 20 hours of book festival-ness. although, i will at least be going to the festival this year. october 24th is already blocked off in my planner. haha.
  • yay lakers yesterday! they. are. the. best. bring it on denver, i dare ya.
  • and i'll close with one of my favorite quotes. i love john lennon. but you guys know that ;) If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace. ~ John Lennon


Ashley May 18, 2009 at 12:28 PM  

Let me know what you think of Angels and Demons! I'm tempted to see it myself.

Katie May 19, 2009 at 12:11 PM  

I'm not a usual Grey's fan, but I've caught an episode here and there. I was impressed with the finale. I cried. I was a sissy pants. :)

I thought it was well scripted, and the shockers all came in the last 10 minutes which I loved. You think you have it all figured out and BOOM.

Looking forward to next season. I agree that Iz will come back, after all she's said on a lot of interviews that she's not leaving the show. This could also be because she's going to be in a lot of memory segments.

We'll have to see :)

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