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>> February 26, 2009

i was going to post yesterday, but i've been feeling sick, and been busy, and just didn't get to it, so now i feel like i'm bursting with things to say and don't know where to start. first off yahoo for my first day at nordstrom rack today. the orientation today was fun. i really enjoyed it actually, for an orientation of course. they seem so much more together than macys ever was, and that. is. awesome. they also have benefits! i haven't looked to see exactly how much $$ they are yet, but at least they are available. i have medical right now, but i would like some dental and vision insurance. sigh. and they have 401k stuff.. and profit sharing. yeah, they have a real benefit package . amazing i know. haven't seen that in awhile. oh! and THE best benefit of all: 20% off at nordstrom cafe. enough said. if you dont quite understand see here to hear about my absolute excitement over my nordstrom discount.

speaking of money, i got my tax refund today ~ at least federal that is. yay. not that i get to spend most of it on fun things, but man oh man it will be nice to have a little extra money. like today, i had wendys and i had cafe rio with friends last night. even being able to buy those two things makes me happier again. sad. but. true.

our dear president obama spoke two nights ago. i love him. i really do. my favorite part - among many - was near the beginning when he introduced his wife to the audience, and she mouthed back "love you," they are like the perfect couple and i love it. i mean.. usually all we can hope for is a good president in office, but president barack hussein obama is not only a great president but an awesome husband and father. yup. i love it.

i think that the budget is all together good. obviously, there are a lot of aspects to it, and some things i don't even completely understand. but, i think its great that the three top things that were highlited for the speech are education, health care, and the economy. those big three things are truly interrelated, and really will help this country in the long run. there are other things i really don't like, and i hope that we can solve them somehow. like, there will still be a budget deficit in 2012. i am hoping in the finalized budget proposal - due in april - there will be more avenues involved where we can make up that negative balance. but, at the same time, we are in a recession, and our country is fighting two wars. i truly believe that some things are vital. health care. the economy. education. and making sure our service men and women are protected, and that the world is safer is one of those things. especially when we're already in afghanistan and iraq. unfortunately sometimes you have to fix some dumb texan dude's mistakes.

george clooney is coming back to er for the season finale. i am excited. that. is. for. sure. but i am also happy and excited because he was asking congress this week for a special envoy to darfur. i hope it really happens. that would sure make me happy. we really need to do something... according to the un 12,000 people have had to flee southern darfur today. see here for more info.

yay for george clooney. i don't think i ever would have thought he would be so awesome when i first saw him as dr doug ross. haha.

so i have to wait awhile to see dr ross return, but at least i get to watch carter (noah wyle) on er tonight. and american idol. yay for thursdays.

ps~ capitalization is way overrated today.


Fidget Midget February 27, 2009 at 10:12 AM  

I love tax refunds. It's like Christmas 2.0.

I like it when people use their celebrity status for something good. Have you ever heard about Darryl Hannah's mission to stop human trafficking? Pretty courageous stuff. Here's an article on it: http://www.amw.com/features/feature_story_detail.cfm?id=1299

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