>> February 28, 2009

A few of my current Obsessions ~

I love taking pictures of the sky.. especially funky clouds. I wish I could afford to buy a new camera. I really want this one here, the Sony Cybershot W170 10.1 MP in red. It makes my mouth water.

Anderson Cooper.. Did anyone see his attempt at chopping onions when he filled in for Regis on Regis and Kelly on Thursday? It. was. hilarious. I tried to find a video of it, but haven't found one yet. Darn. It was good though. He obviously doesn't cook. But why would he need to?

I am obsessed with Anderson though. It might be considered sad by some people. Although I do have a fellow blogger friend that loves Brian Williams, so maybe it isn't all that odd and unusual. Right?? haha. I like being well-informed, and listening to the news.. and I would just much rather get my news from a place I trust: CNN.. and it just helps that a nice, smart, fun-to-look-at man is on TV doing just that every night. ;)

I am also obsessed with playing Wii. I have taken my wii fitness test every day all of February, minus 2 days. Today I am 25, and 29. I have two "miis" one named Nicole, the other named Nikki. Haha. Not that I feel I am two different people or anything like that, even though I am equally known by both names. I just like to be able to take two fitness tests each day. haha. Oh man. I am getting much better at it though. A few weeks ago my age was 80! * for crazies that don't know about the wii sports fitness test, it tests your abilities by having you do 3 different training activities, and then gives you an age. The lowest being 20, the highest being 80. The lower your age, the better you are. You can only do it once a day, and it charts your progress*

3 Days until U2s' No Line on the Horizon Album!!


Daisee March 1, 2009 at 12:48 AM  

I love the sky too! I love looking at our surroundings outside and appreciate them. You know, take time to smell the roses sort of thing. I love the mountains! Love them. Love them. I like to listen and watch Anderson Cooper too. He is handsome, smart, funny and seems like a good person. He cares about things and people. The WII...hmmm I need to do the fitness test again! We should get the WII Fit game!

Ashley March 1, 2009 at 1:08 PM  

I loves the sky too. And I really like Anderson too. He's funny, especially when its him and Erica. By the way, I did see the onion chopping. haha. With you. If you remember? :) Also, I try to do the Wii Fitness test everyday now too. And now have two miis. One named Ashley and one named Ashie. But you also knew that. haha

Fidget Midget March 1, 2009 at 4:28 PM  

I love photographyyyyy. i take my camera with me everywhere <3

I like Anderson Cooper too, but my favorite journalist is Lisa Ling :D

Anonymous,  March 4, 2009 at 10:55 PM  

omgosh - no joke - I'm in love with the Wii too. It's the BEST!!!

And mad props to you ;) on the camera choice! I carry around a Sony Cybershot T100 - LUV it!!!

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