L'école est "school" en Français

>> January 8, 2009

School. School has always been one of those things I have a love-hate relationship with. Like when I fell down yesterday, and got snow all up my pants and in my shoes and all over my socks. Yeah, that was the hate side. But when I realized I think I am going to really enjoy my French class, not because I am motivated to learn it, because I am for my own reasons, but because the Professor actually seems pretty cool! That part was the love side.

It has been SEVEN years since I graduated from High School. Seven. That's as long as it took me to get from 5th grade to Senior year in High School. That makes me feel so old. And I guess a little unaccomplished, or maybe untraditional. I am just barely going to get my Associates this coming August, and I am so excited about it, it's almost funny. I know I was "supposed" to get it a long time ago. Nevertheless, I think the path I went on, to finally arrive at this major, and finally arrive with these goals and things.. I wouldn't have arrived here if I had just stayed at school. I feel like I've achieved a lot of "Real Knowledge" and learned that even when I'm not in school, or when it's not an assignment, I still really love to learn. I do - I do, and I really like to write about what I learn. Yup. Self appreciation here I am. haha. Just kidding-just kidding.

For those who care.. and even those who don't. Here are my classes for this semester:

  • Beginning French
  • American Government
  • Social Work
  • Dispute Resolution

Some who read often, will notice that Thanatology isn't on there. I really DID sign up for it and I just barely dropped it this morning. Reason being.. It was two and a half long hours, which I thought I could handle. Until I found out that it was separated into 2 parts. The first part was the lecture normal class section, the second part was a bereavement group. The class would allow me to go and get tested to have my bereavement counseling certificate. Which, might have been cool. And perhaps someday it will be something I want to do. But as for right now, I'm not up for that.. every Thursday. I don't do well with death, and probably shouldn't be the person counseling others on that part of life. So I moved on... That class was for my Social Work electives, and now I just replaced it with Dispute Resolution. So we're good. :) I ALSO am excited that I figured out that if I stick to my plan (which I will!) I can Graduate with BA in Social Work in December 2010. So only a year and a few months after I get my Associates. Yay! Then the plan is to apply to the MSW/MPA combined program at the U.. but hey, one step at a time. Right?


Goal for my Masters

So at least this school part of my life is figured out. Now.. moving on to work.. I haven't had a lot of success. I found a Tutoring job thing, through UVU, that I would like to do. I have applied for it and talked to the adviser, so I am hoping it will work. And my "exit interview" / do you want to stay? (or more like CAN I stay) is on the 22nd at Macy's, so it'd nice if all of it fit together.

And Volunteering: I am going to a Volunteer meeting on the 21st for The International Rescue Committee. So some of my resolutions are on their way..

That whole "eating healthy" thing, hasn't worked out quite yet. I just ate Taco Bell and Cinnamon Bears. Oops! Maybe that's what I should do, require myself to blog about what I eat. Then I might be a little bit better.

So I am trying to keep to my Resolutions. Yahoo.


Le soleil luit pour tout le monde.
"the sun shines for all the world"


Kim J January 8, 2009 at 9:18 PM  

Ahh that sucks you fell, hehe.
I know how you feel about taking forever to get done with school, at least we know now what we really want to major in. Good luck with the classes, especially French, ugh.

K e r i January 9, 2009 at 3:54 PM  

That really sucks falling down! I'm glad you weren't hurt!

.Blue in Green January 10, 2009 at 8:44 PM  

Poor you. I love your new layout though. Love the title of this post too.

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