This. Is. It.

>> November 13, 2009

is Awesome! I love Michael Jackson! Ash, Tim, and I saw This Is It last night, and it was really good! It made me so sad.. to think that they worked so hard on that concert, that was FABULOUS, and that I'll never get to enjoy it.

But it was really nice to be able to just watch him at his greatest.. see how he wanted to present his music to the world, and how meticulous he was about it. I love when he'd say "that's why we rehearse".. and when he would just smile as the lights went down when the song was over. Say what you want about MJ, but he loved what he did. And he was damn good at it. Its nice to have something else to remember him by, maybe I won't think of little Paris' sad farewell when I think of his death anymore. Sigh.

I am SO buying the This Is It cd and dvd.. mmmmhmmm! Yay Michael!

... Now if I could only get Billie Jean out of my head.


Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie November 13, 2009 at 10:35 PM  

It was so awesome huh?! I love MJ and it was so cool to see how he really was and the sense of humor he has. I never knew it. He's just awesome. He kicks ass!

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