Argh! They're not SPIES!

>> November 12, 2009

Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal

Ugh, I feel awful for these three American hikers. To be held in a foreign land, a land that has such a tumultuous past with the United States.. and to now be charged with espionage. ESPIONAGE?! Seriously Iran? You'd think, that perhaps, you'd have better things to mess around with Iran, not three innocent, young hikers. I mean, I used to think that perhaps the United States would always portray Iran in bad lighting, because they are so much different than us, right? And that maybe the government deserved a break, they weren't as bad as the Bush presidency wanted us to believe.. but after this Summer and their so-called "elections", I was so wrong. But I truly still believe that the citizens of Iran, are just like us. They may have a different culture, that's root is in a different predominant religion, but they are human beings, and you can't tell me that they think these hikers were spying. They were HIKING. Hiking! So, dear fabulous government of Iran, release the soldiers, now k? You would be "killing 2 birds with one stone," in that, perhaps you could improve the public's opinion of you, not only in the United States and the West, but Iranian citizens as well.

Do they look like spies? This video was filmed 2 days, TWO DAYS! before they were detained by Iran. :: sigh ::

Sigh.. Maybe Ahmadinejad thinks that he'll get a special meeting with President Clinton like crazy Kim Jong Il did.

(if you don't know what I'm talking about.. click here: Caught in the Middle, for my original post when the Hikers were arrested in the Summer, and for additional information see the Free the Hikers website here.)

I'm thinkin' I need a Free The Hikers T~shirt:

*and hell yes for the Twilight by Thriving Ivory song on the video. I love it! Keep
Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal in your prayers.


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