Oinked Out

>> November 11, 2009

Damn Pigs

I think I'm done with the Oink fest.

I'm still sore. And my ribs ACHE... and it wears me out to walk up stairs, but I'm not feeling too awful anymore. Oink-Oink-Oink.


I haven't left my house for a week. And it wasn't by choice! I mean.., it'd be nice to not go to school or work for a week and actually do something FUN (like U2.. that was fun.. did you see my pictures from a much happier week last month??) But to HAVE to stay home? That's so not exciting. I spent way too much time in bed, fooling around on Facebook, bored out of my mind. And yeah, more club crackers and sprite? NO thanks.

Plus..... now I have 2 projects due, next Friday, and I really need to get doing them..


  • Any thoughts on Utah adoption policy?
  • or.. how about French Nursery Rhymes?
Happy Wednesday Everyone :D

.. and back to school and work I go

Also.. Happy Veteran's Day! No matter your political opinions and affiliations (and you know I have mine.. ), we should all take a minute today to acknowledge the sacrifices by the men and women in uniform. They. are. awesome. I could not do what they do!!

.. such crazy timing, with the whole Fort Hood Massacre. That was awful. I watched the CNN coverage of the Memorial Today. I thought President Obama did really well in his speech.

PS: Yay for the Anti-discrimination legislation that the Salt Lake City council passed last night. Yes, and wow for the LDS churches support for the Legislation. That's awesome. You'd almost think after the whole Prop 8 crap that they might not support it.


Alisha H. November 11, 2009 at 5:23 PM  

YAHOO for feeling better!! I am glad you are slowly coming back around.

I LOVE your background, super super fun and cute.

Good luck with your projects, wish i could help but those are definitely NOT my subjects... sorry charlie!!
Love ya anyway =)

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