Its been awhile..

>> October 5, 2009

Weird! I was a blogaholic, fanatic.. but I didn't post anything for over a week.

Over a week.

How crazy is that.. ?

  • A lot of silly stressful things have happened in the past week-ish. Let's see, I got in a car accident. That was technically my fault, because I rear ended someone, by school, because I wasn't paying enough attention, and some dude just HAD to cross the road in front of the car in front of me, right at that moment. Ugh. I still get tense driving, or riding in the car with someone. And my body was so sore after wards! My neck and upper back still kind of hurt, because I got so tense and uckee when I had to slam on my brakes.
  • Tim had his 12th birthday - as you can see with my last post before my little blogging hiatus of sorts. I can't believe he's 12 already. Its crazy. I was 13 when he was born!
  • I got in an altercation with the neighbor lady, cause Je la déteste vraiment. Elle est une chienne. Literally, pardon my French..
  • Work = Drama. We should probably leave it at that, since who knows what's going to happen with all of it, and I'd rather not be told that my blog is inappropriate or something. But my hell , I wish it didn't have to be so dramatic. I swear, most bad experiences can be easily absolved of with good communication. Seriously.
  • However, I've just been doing MY job, doing what I need to do in my Department.. helping out when I can at the registers, folding the denim for Mens, and getting Mailing Lists. So much easier when I don't have issues with dramatic dramaness.
  • I dyed my hair. I bought a nice n' easy "darkest brown" hair color, and had Ash dye it for me. But it didn't really become "darkest brown," my hair's closer to black, than brown. Its so dark. Sigh.. but its not like I've had this color before. So we'll wait a few weeks and then dye it to a less black version. This pic is one I took right after I dyed it.. I don't have hardly any makeup on, so don't judge too much.
  • I finally figured out my United Way Internship. I am doing research with The Woman and Education Project with UVU. Its actually really interesting. They're trying to find out why, and how we can change, the fact that more men in Utah graduate from College than women. Many Utah women either start school and never finish, or they never even start college. I think that's so sad! But then, after I got this assignment I started noticing how I really notice a higher percentage of men at school than women. So lame. Is Woman's Suffrage dead? Or did it just never reach Utah's school environment? I know so many girls that wait for their husbands to get their degrees. Their husbands. I guess its just one of those things that's part of Utah culture. Many cultures outside of Utah wait until after college to get married. Interesting.
Seems that that.. is that.

2 weeks until Phoenix, U2 and Black Eyed Peas!


amisare waswerebeen October 5, 2009 at 6:16 PM  

And in NM, many women just get pregnant in high school, live off the system, and never consider getting an education. Sometimes things are just all around back-a**wards.

Pardon my french.

Alisha H. October 18, 2009 at 2:42 PM  

That is so sad. I wish more woman would pursue their college education. I think it is so important! Cool research though, i would love to do more research.

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