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>> August 10, 2009

Yes, I am a new Intern for The United Way of Utah County.

Am I excited?

Yes I am.

It's an unpaid internship, with the Help Me Grow program. Basically assisting parents over the phone, and hooking them up with different services for their family. For free. How cool is that? I have always really loved The United Way. I used to donate $50 a paycheck when I worked at the library! Yes, indeed if I did that now I would have to walk. everywhere . I love The United Way, and am super excited to get involved with them. I hope that perhaps it will not only be a great learning experience, but a great networking experience, so that it can help me be the awesome Social Worker that I know I can be. MMMMMM hmmmmmm.

Also YAY ME for checking off one of my School Goals.. (listed on the right side panel), which reads 2009/2010 Land awesome Internship(s)* :: insert giant check mark here, cause I succeeded that one.

* I plan to apply for the Ascend Internship in January, which would be an equally awesome Internship, where I would learn so much. I'm excited to be successful, tee~hee :: wink ::


Alisha H. August 10, 2009 at 1:12 PM  

OK that is the coolest internship ever!! I love it how amazing is that! You will do awesome at it! Congrats!

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