shopping totally burns calories.. right?

>> August 24, 2009

the past week-ish has been fun. i went to lagoon with amanda, i love going with amanda! we have so much fun, and yes we rode the catapult again (see last year's post here, to understand, we look much more frightened last year!).

lagoon with amanda '09 pics:

worked a lot (translated to the not so fun part) and i have inventory tonight - ugh...

but the best part is all the shopping and fun things i've been able to buy..

i bought a new camera! the one i've been coveting for forever and ever and ever and ever.. its the sony cybershot d320, with 12.1 MP. yeah, its awesome, i love it. and its my favorite color, which is just an added super bonus.

i spent $90 dollars at ulta, and got myself a whole new makeup set. i love it. i bought this cool black organizer set that holds tons of difeferent colors of ulta eyeshadows, and then the bottom layer has bronzers, lip stuff, and eye liners. then i had to get the free gift, so i bought the $17.50 worth of ulta stuff (the organizer didn't count), and then got the free ulta fall gift! (complete with the awesome purple bag, i'll see if i can find a picture to show ya'll). i was excited.

free gift from Ulta, fall 09

and today i bought the necklace at my work that i have wanted for ages. its gold, so then i could never decide if i really wanted it, cuz i'm not really a gold person.. but i love it, and its fun, so i got it. yay me.

my white purse also broke :( so what did i do? bought a new one! haha. i bought a cute turquoise-ish blue roxy purse from macy's. for 20 bucks!

so what's left on the buying to-do list? well, i still have to buy a few more school books before school starts on wednesday. (speaking of which, could i order just a few more weeks of summer instead? thanks). and i really want to buy a laptop. but i'm not really sure what kind to get. i kind of want the product (red) edition of the dell inspiron laptops.. but then .... i can't decide, and i don't feel like i know enough about laptops, to make a for sure, yes yes, decision, so any feedback or advice would be super appreciated. i'm a mac girl, what can i say? i just don't have the $1,000 dollars to spend on a mac book. damn.

.. OH and a car! nicole seriously needs some new wheels. cheap ones though, so that goes the same with advice, or "car leads" .. let me know.

sigh.. i guess shopping IS a good way to end the summer, and get back to the crazy hectic school life - with an added internship to spice things up this time around, i might just fall off the blogosphere, except that's what that laptop is for, time between classes + a laptop = blogging. right? never homework. ick. bad word.


Alisha H. August 24, 2009 at 6:25 PM  

WOW sounds like you have bought some pretty fun stuff lately!! Jealous! ha i love shopping!!! And Just fyi your slide show is so psychedelic it is so freaking awesome! Cute pics too! I am so shocked you went on the catapult.... I remember the days you couldn't even ride the rocket =).... ok maybe WE......

Ardie August 24, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

Hey have you looked for macs in the refurbished section on Apples official store site? I got mine there for $850. Of course that means checking the site at 5am so you can snatch up a deal before anyone else sees it. :) Good luck with everything!

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