Dear Jack..

>> May 21, 2009

Jack Gray that is. I think you're awesome. I truly do. I hadn't ever really realized just how cool you were until about a month ago. That was when my favorite newsboy Anderson Cooper tweeted a recommendation to follow you, Jack Gray, on Twitter {click here to do just that}. So I did. Because, let's just say that I have a lot of trust in Anderson. A LOT. Some would say it could be unhealthy, but I {not surprisingly} disagree.

I then realized, that I had been laughing at you for years {yes, I said years!} now, on the AC360Blog. Without even realizing who I was laughing at, I mean, I just read the AC360 Writer /Producer note under your name, took it as just that, and then mosied down the list of blog posts to find Mr. Cooper's posts. But I still laughed at you.. and now that I get your hilarious tweets, I am laughing even harder.

Click here for a funny recent AC360 Blog Post by Jack. I love it.

These tweets are a few of my favorites:

  • Beautiful, cheerful day in NYC. So cheerful, in fact, that I almost gave those tourists the correct directions to Magnolia Bakery. Almost.
  • Bummed I missed Gossip Girl...will have to wait til the episode is on iTunes. Don't tell me what happened or I'll have to break up with you.
  • I'm excited to read Larry King's new book.I hope he included a chapter about the time I saved his life in a make-up room fracas w/ Dr. Phil.
  • The cashier at CVS did not seem to enjoy me singing Rhianna's Take a Bow.
  • Greenwich Village is alive with the Sound of Music. Except Sound=Smell and Music=Hashish. And the Von Trapps look like drag queens.

* click here to follow me, yes me, on Twitter. ;)
* picture from Jack Gray's twitter profile:


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