Spring has Sprung

>> April 10, 2009

Back to bullets, Yes I am.

  • I worked 8 days in a row at the rack. From the day we opened, last Thursday, until I got my first days off yesterday and today. My feet are swollen because I stood too much, for too long, for too many days. Awesome. I only have to work tomorrow, and then I'm off again for Easter Sunday. Hallelujah!
  • Yesterday was a fun day. I hung out with my little brother Timmy for most of the day. We went to Wendy's, investigated world populations together {who knows where that came from: his idea, I swear}, and then belted it out on Rock Band. I love that little man.
  • This somewhat sunny weather, {well, there's not any snow.. } plus the swollen feet problem, has me wearing flip flops. I LOVE flip flops! Probably a bit too much.. but what can ya do? I think it is the freedom of them, the part where if and when I paint my toe nails people can actually see it, while I'm being all proper and still wearing shoes - which I loathe - I hate wearing shoes!
  • .. and the flip flops led to think about Spring and Summer and how I want to do everything awesome this summer! The family has been talking about going back to Disneyland in September-ish, but I don't know if it will be able to happen or not. We will see. We will see.
  • So while I wait on the Disneyland idea, here are a few things that I am excited about, now that the weather is a little better.
    • Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival is April 17th - May 2nd! I have never been to the festival, always wanted to, but somehow missed it. Last year I was all set to go, but then the ground still wasn't really thawed, and the rumor was that the festival sucked because it was lacking in tulips.. so I didn't go. But I am going this year!
    • The ZOO. I love the Zoo, I really do. And they have a new baby of my favorite monkey! The Colobus monkey. It was born August 11th last year, so he should be all cute this spring / summer. When Tim, Ash, and I went last year there was a baby Colobus too. So it should be cute for there to be two young ones playing around still. I love it. They also have somewhat new Golden Lion Tamaran Twins that were born March 2008.

Colobus Monkeys, Hogle Zoo, March 2008
    • I also want to go to Lagoon again this summer. I think I want to buy the Lagoon Season Pass, for $95, since if you go more than twice in the year, it makes the most sense money wise to just buy the pass. I'm not sure if my friends are buying them this year though, so we'll see what happens. Me & Amanda really need to ride the Catapult again. That was so Awesome!! Click here to read the stories of Lagoon fun from last summer.

    • I also want to go see Miss Saigon at Pioneer Theatre Company. I really really do.. I hopes I cans.
  • The NBA playoffs start in ONE WEEK! Go Lakers!!
  • Last but not least, the movie Fast & Furious. Its. Awesome. Yes. It. Is. Loved. It. :)


Kim J April 14, 2009 at 11:30 AM  

8 days, that sucks. That reminds me once I worked 16 days in a row at Kmart, not fun.

I'm pretty sure were still planning on getting Lagoon passes soon. Ugh I just can't wait for school to be done!!! And the weather to get better.

Amanda M April 19, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

Geez!!! You are dedicated my friend to be working 8 days in a row!! AHHHHH!! I am pretty sure I would go comepletely insane!! We RELLY need to do something soon so I can fill you in on all the BS thats going on!!!
Anyway!! LAGOON!!!! That was SO much fun last summer!! We have to do it again and we HAVE to ride do the Catapult twice!! Haha!! Now we know right??
And Miss Saigon!! I think I can totally get us cheap tickets with our student passes!! We should pick a day and plan to go!!

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