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>> April 6, 2009

This Sunday is Easter, so I thought I'd share a few things I love about Easter -although I'm sure I will just post pictures of the events next week. I LOVE Coloring Eggs! It is one of my favorite things, and, a friend of mine was talking about the symbolism of Easter, and how some of them are pagan and others are Christian. I thought that was interesting, and since I love it so much I thought hey why not find out the reason we have the eggs at Easter.. and this is what I found:
The origin of the Easter egg is based on the fertility lore of the Indo-European races. To our pre-Christian ancestors it was a most startling event to see a new and live creature emerge from a seemingly dead object. The egg to them became a symbol of spring. Long ago in Persia people used to present each other with eggs at the spring equinox, which for them also marked the beginning of a new year.
Very interesting, ey? I thought so.
Also, did you know the name Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring: Eostre? Yep, me neither.
Oh, and apparently, the Easter Bunny is German. No wonder he always creeped me out. Just kidding Just kidding.

Cadbury Mini eggs are also reason enough to love the holiday.
And Starburst Jelly beans..

Happy Easter Everyone! :)

PS ~ Thanks all for the haircut feedback! I am going to do it, sometime.. soon. I have to figure out if I can pay for it, and then yay. :)

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