Fling off Thy Sadness!

>> April 1, 2009

I have been reading a lot lately. I got into a few girly~girly novels, and read one of them in just one day! So I have updated my 50 Books in 2009 list again. I've read 11 books now. I'm slowly creeping towards my goal. I hope I can really make it! Eek! At the rate I'm going, I don't know if it will work. Guess we will see. I think since I'm taking the Summer off from school I will have more time to read books and catch up.

Today is April 1st, and it still snowed here most of the day!!! WTF?! So not cool! Its like some sort of April Fools joke, by the Weather Guru or something. I don't know! But it better stop. This poem is perfect for today:

"Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!"
- Thomas Blackburn, An Easter Hymn
Tomorrow is The Grand Opening at The Rack. I hope there's not too many people! Ick. I worked at the Sugar House Rack on Saturday. It was interesting. I got to go with Lindsey from work, and she's pretty awesome, so it was good. I'm glad it was her I got to go with. The manager of that store, Bridget, took us out to a cafe nearby, and paid for our food. Way nice. The actual manager of the Accessories department was totally weird though. Our actual manager from the Sandy Rack called while we were on break and wanted us to call her back, the manager at Sugar House told us not to! She's like "oh, we need you to keep working, don't call her back." WHAT? So so strange. Yeah, here, let us disobey our actual manager, sure that makes sense..

I finally watched MILK the other day with Ashley, my sister. I can't believe how crazy this world is! WHY do some people think they are so important, and that they are so great and religious and wonderful, and think it is their right to belittle people that are "below" them!?!? I don't understand. It made me so mad.. and sad.. and happy that we are actually getting somewhere in the Gay Rights struggle. BUT at the same time, I was like dude! there was a proposition (Prop 6) that had similar arguments to Prop 8, and people are still so super bigoted?! Guess we haven't changed that much. I mean, Prop 6 was almost thirty years ago!! Ah, it just amazes me. My sister wrote more about the whole struggle, and the crazy woman, Anita Bryant that was the voice for the Religious Right during the movement. Click here for her blog post about it. All in all it was a good movie, and I am glad that it was made. We all need to be reminded of the different struggles for equality in this imperfect country.

In other current events, the G-20 starts tomorrow in London. I hope that people will protest for their causes peacefully, so that their voices can be heard, and not be overshadowed by not-needed violence and disruption. Although, I would love for someone to be like HEY Why didn't anyone arrest al-Bashir when he traveled out of The Sudan to Qatar, this past week?! Argh.

But the best news of today, I don't know if I said anything recently but I have been talking to my adviser at school about doing an Internship next Spring for my Social Work degree. It will get me so much closer to graduating. Well, last Wednesday, an opportunity came up in New Delhi. I thought it was a total long shot, but I thought what the hell, I'll apply. My adviser called me this afternoon to tell me I got in. So I will be in New Delhi, India from January 2010 to April 2010! Wahoo!! I've always wanted to go to Delhi! Now we're just trying to get my sister over there doing something, so we can go together. I'm so excited!
Just Kidding! APRIL FOOLS! :)


Ashley April 2, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

haha I didn't know you put the internship on here too. So funny! Good luck today at work. I don't wanna go in today. blah. :(

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