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>> March 10, 2009

Bullets. I like bullets. As long as they are on a computer screen.. Guns are bad - but we will leave that for another time. On to some bulleted ramblings.

  • On Friday piece of shit Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir kicked out THIRTEEN HUMANITARIAN AID GROUPS OUT OF SUDAN. because he was so pissed off about his arrest warrant being issued by the ICC a few days prior (see blog post here). I am so mad! If you want to sign the International Rescue Committee's petition to the United Nations about al-Bashir's actions, click here:
  • Then as if that wasn't enough, he toured the city of El Fashir, the capital of Sudan's Darfur region... He makes my blood boil!
  • Proposition 8 is being re-thought about in the California State Supreme Court. They are attempting to overturn the ridiculous proposition that barely passed last November. The argument is one I agree with: The Majority should never be allowed to take rights away from the Minority and call it "democracy."
  • I finally watched the Oliver Stone movie W this week. Josh Brolin did such an awesome job at playing President George W. Bush! The movie was good, the plot was interesting ~but I really think my favorite part was how they were able to imitate all those famous faces so well! My favorite was definitely "dubya" but after that Condie Rice and Cheney were pretty good too.
  • Speaking of Mr. awful former Vice President Cheney, he is on CNN this weekend on State of the Union with John King. Should be very interesting.
  • I know it has been said a lot.. and my opinion is probably obvious to everyone who knows me, but all I have to say is Rush. Limbaugh. Seriously?!?!? He makes me SOOO nauseous!
  • I also watched Body of Lies this weekend. It was really good. I love me some Leonardo DiCaprio. Russell Crowe.. not so much. But I guess that is why I was so suspicious of his character during the entire movie. It was very interesting though. That, and Eagle Eye, remind me of each other. Sometimes I'm like WOW we really have that much surveillance? That is actually kind of neat. And then I think of 1984, which I just read a few weeks ago and think.. Oh no..
In happier news. I am so excited for American Idol's Top 13 tonight!

* Je pense = "I think" in French*


Kim J March 10, 2009 at 3:19 PM  

J'aime votre nouvelle blog display. Yeah display is probably not a french word but oh well.
That is crazy about al-Bashir. I wonder what will happen. Sadly it will probably get worse before it gets better. I'm glad they are finally doing something though.
Thats great about Prop 8. It is so stupid. I have yet to hear an arguement against gay marriage rights that I think makes sense, probably because there is none.
Rush Limbaugh is bizarre. It has been so funny to hear Republicans all crying about how they want to take back the country, hello they had the last crappy 8 years.

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