>> February 28, 2009

I would like to start a new discussion-type category on my blog, where I talk about what I think... and then you tell me what you think. Heh. For this to work, obviously my readers YOU would have to really reply and tell me what you think. So let's give it a try..

As I was doing homework for my POLI SCI class last night I had to contemplate the following question:

Is the death penalty a cruel and unusual punishment?
This was my answer:
I hate this question!

I am never sure on my answer, so I'm going to just explain why I go back and forth on the issue. My initial answer is yes, it is cruel and unusual, and to me in my personal ethics I don't think it is our right to choose who lives, and who dies.

BUT at the same time, then I actually hear about certain crimes. Crimes that should be punishable by death.. because they are so heinous. Especially crimes against children. Or against masses and masses of people.. or crimes that are fully planned, and yeah. I don't know! Then I would say no, it's not that cruel and unusual, because they were cruel and unusual initially.

My last thought is that it is so expensive to keep these people that committed these awful crimes in prison. It drains the countries assets, and for what? So they can have good food and go to school for free? While I slave away at crappy retail jobs to pay for my higher education?

Yeah. It is a toss up for me.
Sooo.. What do you think? WHAT'S YOUR OPINION?


Shirley Hale February 28, 2009 at 4:37 PM  

I have a hard time with this topic too. I feel like if there is absolutely no doubt that a person committed a heinous crime they should be punishable by death. I agree with your argument about the costs on society to keep them living. The thing that sucks though, is that even though they have the death penalty it still takes forever to put it through and is still quite expensive. Since it is a difficult topic, I am glad it is decided by the states.

Fidget Midget March 1, 2009 at 10:01 AM  

My opinion is very much like yours, Nicole. These days a "life sentence" can sometimes mean only 20 years". I'm not sure how that is logical though! Twenty years down the road, the person could still be a psychopath, but is free to leave. I totally agree about the education and the free ride a lot of prisoners get too. It pisses me off to no end knowing how much we have to pay for school. Maybe we should go commit a crime so we can get a free education!

My sister's ex-boyfriend was a prison guard and even he said in the maximum security prisons he worked at that it wasn't exactly "Hell on Earth" for the inmates.

The only bad thing about the death penalty is that you could possibly be condemning an innocent person. I'm from Virginia, and we have the second highest death penalty rate (after Texas), and I know it has happened on a few occasion where an innocent person was put to death. So, like you I think it depends on the situation.

Ashley March 1, 2009 at 1:04 PM  

I think the same as you. But you know that. haha. I agree with everything you said. But yes, its hard to choose especially because what if that person really is innocent? What then?

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