Freudian Slip

>> February 9, 2009

Ever experienced blurting out something when you didn't really mean to? Something that you meant 100%, and fully believed in.. but it wasn't something that should have been said, for etiquette sake? Yeah, that happened to me yesterday. A Freudian slip.

Freudian slip: A verbal mistake that is thought to reveal an unconscious belief, thought, or emotion.

At my Grandma's house yesterday, my family -minus my mom- was visiting my Grandma, just sitting in the front room, chatting it up. When, my (least) favorite family member walked in one of the doors and said,
"Miss me?" to Grandma, in an attempt to be funny. She hadn't been gone long.

I automatically replied with a "NOPE!" in a contemptuous, rude tone.

Of course she heard me. I couldn't just be lucky and have her not hear me.. She whips her head back around towards the couch and says, "What?!"

I probably should have said, "Oh, haha, just kidding.. " or "Uh, what?" and act like I didn't hear anything, because I could never had said something so rude. But no.. I didn't. I just sat there. Smirking inside.

She ended up not staying very long. Can't say that that wasn't my fault, who knows. Nevertheless, when she said goodbye and left after only a few minutes, we all burst out laughing.


Has this ever happened to you?


Ashley February 9, 2009 at 9:56 PM  

haha that was so funny yesterday! I love the comic, by the way. :)

Amanda M February 10, 2009 at 7:29 PM  

I've done that too and I always feel so stupid!

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