avec la chance

>> February 10, 2009

avec la chance ~ with luck

With luck..

  • I will rock my Interview tomorrow and get a new awesome job. This job will work with my school schedule, leave me time to still volunteer and do what I need to do for school but also give me enough hours to have some fun in my life! (or I might settle for just paying my bills)

  • I will be able to do everything I need to do to finally graduate with my BA in December 2010. This is my obsession. It is on my mind. At all times.

  • I will be able to go on some sort of excursion.. vacation.. this Summer. I am going crazy staying in good Ol' Sandy Utah for so long!! sidenote: this is why I have started posting "travel wishes", it is my way of virtually traveling. A girl can dream, right?
* I really don't need Valentine's Day, but an early Lucky St Patrick's Day would be just fine * ~ or some sort of Genie could offer me 3 wishes. Either one.


Ashley February 10, 2009 at 10:03 PM  

Good luck with your interview, Nicole!

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