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>> February 3, 2009

  1. I love to travel. I have been to 15 states, and 6 countries. (not including Utah or the U.S.A)
  2. I've been to California the most, at least 5 times.
  3. I don't have any balance skills. My right thumb is a casualty of this. It hasn't grown since August 1993.
  4. I can't whistle, do cartwheels, or roller blade.
  5. I obsess over things I love, some examples are: Obama, Anderson Cooper, Disney Movies, CNN, and The Beatles.
  6. I want to name two of my children based on influences in #5.
  7. I have had the song "meat pies" from Sweeney Todd in my head for about 4 days. Maybe its a symptom of the stupid cold I have that won't go away.
  8. I haven't blogged in over a week - another symptom of this forsaken sickness.
  9. I have a "to read" list of over 50 books. I like to read.
  10. My favorite color is red. My favorite candy bars are Three Musketeers. My favorite season is Fall, and my favorite movies are Roman Holiday and The Pursuit of Happyness. I used to like Breakfast at Tiffany's more than Roman Holiday.
  11. When I was little I didn't want to be white anymore - especially after I learned about the upheaval of Native Americans, and Racial Discrimination in this country.
  12. I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures. Especially of traveling, clouds, and silly pictures with friends & family.
  13. One of my favorite things is to blog. I love it. Sometimes I even sit around and try to think of blog ideas.
  14. I loathed writing papers in middle school. (But now I do it for fun, haha)
  15. Three of my favorite things: the Beach, Cotton Candy, and Nachos.
  16. I have taken 4 languages.
  17. I have only seen rare glimpses of my natural hair color since 1999.
  18. My car's name is Ruby.
  19. I am a big list maker. I don't think I used to make a lot of lists.. until somewhat recently. But now, I make lists for everything. Such as the for mentioned "to read" list, or all of the different lists I have made on this here blog.
  20. I am a very visual learner. You can make me listen and listen to lectures, but if I don't write anything down.. I will forget it all. I think some teachers / students find this annoying as I scribble millions of notes down during classes.
  21. I can't see red marker on white boards. I had to ask Mrs. Price, in my High School Physics class to write in a different color so I could see - almost every day.
  22. I have worked at many places since High School. Sometimes I look at my friends, and how they've managed to stay at one or two jobs that whole time and think wow, and get jealous, or feel inadequate. But then I realize that that's because I was indecisive about what I wanted to do in school. Plus, I have met some of my very favorite people at my many jobs, I don't regret this.
  23. I enjoy learning about different cultures. I usually rotate, and read and learn about one culture, then move on to another. However, I always seem to make it back to the Middle East.
  24. I love my major. One of my professors, on the first day of class, said Social Workers were people that, "believed everything should be fair and equal" and that they work to make the world more like that. "That's not fair!" has been my motto my entire life. Perfect fit.
  25. Michelangelo is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Hands down.


Kim J February 6, 2009 at 7:21 PM  

Good list. That is one thing that really sucks about being at the same job for a long time is that I miss meeting new people.

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