Grandma Update

>> January 5, 2009

My Grandma is doing much better, she's been laughing and giggly ever since she had the Angiogram. I think the fact that it came back okay really gave her a big sense of relief. Thanks to all your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it. She is still in the hospital, but should be leaving IHC to go to Health south for rehabilitation with all of her muscle damage. She also has Parkinson's, and has trouble walking. So, we are hoping that they'll be able to teach her some new things at Health south so that she will do better with that. She's only going to stay there for a few weeks, it all just depends on how well she progresses and improves. My Grandma is pretty stubborn, and she says that she is determined to only stay there for 2 weeks AT THE MOST. So that's good. I am glad she is so determined.

After Health south, we are unsure what will happen. I don't know if she really can go back to living in her Condo alone. So, more changes might be on the way. Whether that means her living with one of us, or us putting together a schedule where she's never really alone for very long, I don't know. One step at a time. Right?


Amanda M January 5, 2009 at 5:45 PM  

Yay!! I'm glad her tests came back okay!!!

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