16 Mondays

>> January 12, 2009

I decided that Amanda has something going there with her Countdown of Mondays until school is over, so I decided HEY why not join in? I really was going to count the days until I graduate with my AA, but that sounded monotonous, and maybe even less inspiring than I wanted it to be. So I decided not to be unique, and copy Amanda's idea, and count Mondays.. So here we go ~drumroll please ~

There are 16 Mondays until the End of the Semester, including today.


.. and there's about 30 Mondays until I graduate with my Associates of Arts in Social Work. I think. The Summer semester schedule dates are not completely posted right now, or maybe it's too early in the morning and I can't find them even though they are staring me in the face. Either way, I guessed, and I think that sounds about right. 30. Whew. Okay. I can do 30. Right?


Kim J January 12, 2009 at 10:33 AM  

Oh how I hate Monday mornings!!! I think a count down is good. I really got used to sleeping in too late over the break and am dying this morning!

Amanda M January 12, 2009 at 5:46 PM  

Wahoo for counting Mondays!!! It is the best!! And thank goodness we get a break in 16 Mondays!!
And only 30 til you get your AA!!! YAY!!!! WAHOOOO!! HOOOOORAY!! I am so excited for you!! You have totally stuck with it and that is awesome!! :0)

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