The Ballad of Hillary Clinton..

>> May 29, 2008

Oh, how I wish it was over..

Can you feel the tension?

On May 31st of this month the Democratic National Committee will meet together and decide what they are going to do about Florida & Michigan. These states that have broken the rules. The DNC is now turning back around and putting them right where they wanted to be originally: in an all important race. They wanted to have the spotlight. They wanted to have the fame. And unfortunately, they are going to get it. However, if the DNC gives all of the votes to Hillary, helping her clinch a nomination she has not really won, I might just stay in Germany. Forever.

And then there is Bill.. OH, BILL..! He is now claiming that his wife has been mistreated, by basically everyone. By the Super delegates, that rightfully want her to drop out so that the party can reunite and defeat John McCain. The media who passed their math tests in Elementary, apparently they teach different math in Clinton ville?

I really did used to have a lot of respect for Bill Clinton. I still do. I love his Clinton Global Initiative work. I love that he paid attention to New Orleans after Katrina when the present monkey for a President did not. But I do not love that he is so passionately confused about his wife's run for President, that he is messing up his own legacy. C'mon Hillary, drop out for Bill.


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