Finally, a Memorial for all victims of the Holocaust

>> May 29, 2008

During World War II the German Nazi's tortured many different sects of society. Those that did not fit into their "Nazi mold" were shunned, discriminated against, and sometimes even killed. Everyone knows the stories of the Jews in Nazi Germany and how they were sent to concentration camps, and were made to have the Star of David on their clothes and their shops, to differentiate and let people know they were Jewish. However, the story of another group is never heard as loud. It is the story of the homosexuals that the Nazis went after. 50,000 men were deemed criminals by the German state, because Nazi Germany saw homosexuality as an arbitration to society. Some 10,000 to 15,000 people were sent to concentration camps for this, and many did not survive.

After World War II there have been many monuments and things built to remember what the Nazi's did, and so that we do not let such things ever happen again. Nevertheless, nothing has ever really been built to recognize the plite of the gays in Nazi Germany. The end is now over. There is now a new Memorial for gay victims in the Tiergarten, in Berlin.

"We stand stunned before the brutality with which the Nazis threatened, persecuted and destroyed all those who did not correspond to their inhuman ideology," Neumann said. (from article: link below) Neumann is Germany's Cultural Minister.

I think it's about time!
Read more at: Memorial for gay victims of Nazis unveiled


Amanda M July 29, 2008 at 8:40 AM  

That is awesome they finally have a memorial for them!! They deserve it!!

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