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>> May 6, 2010

Last weekend I went on a little Roadtrip down to Cedar City, to watch one of my bestest friends, Alisha, graduate with her MASTERS in Education!

 We went in hopes of sun.. well.. it wasn't 80 degrees or anything, but at least it didn't snow until Sunday, right?!

I loved seeing this Southern Utah sun, and these pretty mountains, made me miss Utah's Dixie

(stole this one from Alisha)

Can you believe we've been friends for so long? Wow!

Junior Year of High School..                               High School Graduation, 2002

Congrats Alisha!

She even made me try on her cap n gown.. made me motivated for next year, cause really who doesn't love that get up?! haha.


Alisha H. May 7, 2010 at 12:26 AM  

Yahoo!!! And Thanks twice. First for coming and being so supportive and awesome!!!! And second for blogging about it and sharing the joy all over again!! Love ya!!

PS wow that's a trip down memory lane nice pics! Yikes!

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