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>> April 20, 2010

Oh man, I want these shoes. Stupid Nordstrom emails. I mean, really? Who has $120 to spend on these super cute Dansko sandals?! Not me.. that's for sure.. but I still want them. Yes, yes I do.

I love that its all summery now in Utah! FINALLY! Except that its supposed to rain tomorrow.. so it was short lived. But rain can be good too, right? I really do like rain, I just feel like that time should be over now. I'm ready for SUMMER.
I think I have some sort of 'spring fever' or something. I just want to be outside, sitting in the warm sun, not at school or work, being productive! Ick!

Yesterday I went walking with my friend Alisha. It was good. We are going to try to do it on a weekly basis, and maybe that will get me motivated to work out again. I still haven't bought a gym membership.. and yeah, first I blamed it on my debit card fiasco with the fabulous Jordan Credit Union, but now its just like.. I'm.. lazy. I might join in May though. Let's make it a May thing, right? I have all of May and most of June off from in-person school (meaning I have online classes that start in May). THAT in itself makes me so excited! I get to work normal hours at work - YES! I will only be working from 9a to 3:30p - so it better not rain too much in May because I am going to Lagoon dammit!

On Sunday Ash, Tim and I went to Lagoon. It was fun! But for some reason we were all totally worn out afterwards, and we left before the park even closed. Must be something in the Water.. Or maybe we just aren't used to being in the warm warm sun after that loooong annoying Winter, who knows. But aren't we cute? I loves them.

Two of my friends are graduating this week and next week. I love that I will always feel academically inferior to Jihyei and Alisha. Just kidding, just kidding. I am proud of them! Jihyei is getting her Law Degree - LAW degree. WOW! and Alisha is getting her Master's in Education.. but somehow, I doubt either one of them is really finished with school. Silly, silly girls. Jihyei is spending her summer in Maryland with her parents, so we all got together last week. I know I don't see her very often, but I'm going to miss her, nonetheless. Maybe a trip to DC is in my future - what a good excuse to see Jihyei and Barack, right? Just say yes. Here's us at Jihyei's house, we had a lot of fun. I look gynormously tall in this picture.. I really am sitting on the edge of the couch. I swear. Blah.

Lindsey, Suzanne, Daija, Jihyei, Alisha, Me

Alisha's graduation is perfect for me, becaaaaaaause its down in Cedar City - southern Utah. So, I get to go on a mini road trip! How cool is that?! I'm excited. Not that there's a TON to do in Cedar City, but its the act of escaping for a couple days that sounds superb. So, next weekend. Me = Mini Vacation.

I'm also going out to Dinner with Ol' Accessories Dept, Rack people tomorrow. I am excited for that too.. yeah, see? How am I supposed to lose weight when all I do is go out to eat? Should probably fix that.. maybe I'll become an avid bowler. Ha, yeah right.

How is YOUR Tuesday?


PS: GO LAKERS tonight!


Ashley April 20, 2010 at 2:34 PM  

Awe.. I love you too! Haha. I like rain too, and I really won't mind it too much if it just sporadically rains and then gets super sunny right after and dries it up really fast. I love those days where its so spontaneous and dries quickly. I'm excited for Summer too. Its been sooo nice outside! To jump on the tramp.. to go to Lagoon.. to swing on the swings with Sam today.. its been lovely.
I think we should start that 30 day shred in May too. And I'm jealous you're going out to eat so much. :(

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley April 20, 2010 at 3:03 PM  

I forgot to say...

I think why we were so tired and worn out is because of the sun and getting sunburned. It drained our energy. And then we thought the Snowie would be good, but I think that made me feel worse..

Alisha H. April 21, 2010 at 11:11 PM  

Awe now i feel loved thanks!!

jjangji April 22, 2010 at 8:56 AM  

Thanks for the shout out, Nicole! I'm going to miss you, too. :)

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