>> February 1, 2010

So, last week (or is it this week? I never know when these things start and end.. ), is Doppelgänger week on Facebook. This means that you're supposed to post a picture of some famous person, that you've been told you look like. I think its fun.

These are my "Doppelgängers"..

When I first started working at the Library, one of the girls, Kristen, would always call me Natalie. And, it temporarily drove me nuts. Until she told me why she called me Natalie, and I was like, awe gee, Okay, I guess I can handle that. She thought I looked like Natalie Portman.

Now.. I don't really agree, but wasn't that nice of her?

I have always liked Star Wars.. hmmmm

Although, I think I'd rather look like Natalie Wood.. or maybe I just like "classics" ..

Speaking of Classics.. While I was trying to decide who I looked like, my sister asked her friend, Cheri, who she thought both her and I looked like. Ya know, just to see what she said. Again, I was flattered. She thinks I look like this ultra classy, amazing lady.

I (naturally) automatically asked, Can I have Jackie O's clothes then? Cause, that'd be neat.. and maybe an "in" to meet JFK. Am I right?

As flattering as Jackie O and Natalie Portman are.. I don't think I really look much like them. A different encounter, years later, at the Library, and later at The Rack, pointed out (and also flattered) to me that I look like Julia Stiles.

The funny thing is.. I don't look like her when she looks like this.

Only when she has shorter hair.. and looks like this.. not smiling... What does that say about me? haha.

Who's YOUR Doppelgänger?


Amanda M February 3, 2010 at 3:37 PM  

I can totally see Julia Stiles!! And I see Natalie Portman too!!
I thought about doing this... but I dont think I look like any one so I have no one to post!! haha!!

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