World AIDS Day

>> December 1, 2009

Today is World Aids Day. It has been TWENTY FIVE , 25! years since HIV/AIDS first reared its ugly head. 25 years. The world of science has brought us very far, people that were once sentenced to death once they were diagnosed with HIV, are now able to live long, normal lives. At least in the modern Western world.

I personally get very angry when I think about how not fair it is for people in underdeveloped countries don't get the same benefits as those in this country. I get very angry when I think about how the pharmaceutical companies raise their prices higher and higher each year, inadvertently causing the deaths each year.

However, there are organizations out there, like the (RED) Campaign, the ONE campaign, and WorldVision, that are able to provide help to those people. Did you know that many people with HIV die of Tuberculosis? TB! A disease that in the United States, barely even exists.

So please, on this World AIDS Day, take a minute to listen to the 2 videos below. Listen to Bono talk about the (RED) campaign, and perhaps make a donation. The really cool thing about (RED) is you can make a donation, through buying merchandise you already want. Like my (RED) campaign Ipod, for example. Click here for more information on The (RED) Campaign:, you can also check out the (RED) blog here.

(Bono's message is for the UK.. so he speaks of pence (pennies), and the chemist (the pharmacy).. so don't let that ruin his message).

And Princess Kasune Zulu, of Zambia, urges you to call your Congressional representatives this World AIDS Day. Let them know that AIDS is NOT a political disease, and the world does not have time to play political games. The United States must keep its promise. We all must keep our promise, why were you lucky enough to be born in a well developed country? Why was I? And why wasn't she? I don't understand the answer to why... but I sincerely believe that EVERYONE needs to do their part, to end such calamities. On this, the 21st anniversary of World AIDS Day, let's do our part, and think of how cool it will be, to not have to celebrate the 40th Anniversary: because we won't need it.

PS: Starbucks is also helping out today, so if you get a chance stop by a Starbucks! They're donating 5¢ to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa for every hand-crafted beverage sold (meaning that it excludes ready-to-drink beverages and Ethos® Water), so basically any coffee or hot chocolate that they MAKE for you will be applicable! Do it!!


Hin Health & Fitness December 1, 2009 at 8:00 AM  

Here's a great site to show support!!

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