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>> July 13, 2009

This morning, I had a dream that a few of my friends, my sister, my brother, and later in a big surprise my mother, were all lost in France. I think it was probably brought on because yesterday, after hearing multiple songs en Français at my work, I realized that school is going to start in a little over a month, and I haven't studied French once since school got out in May!

After my crazy dream, where we lost my brother, and we couldn't communicate in French well enough to find him, I decided to look at my school schedule and see what I'm taking this Fall, and if its going to help me get to where I want to go with Graduating as soon as I possible can! These are the classes I'm taking in the Fall:

FRENCH 1020: Beginning French, Part 2.
POLS 2100: International Relations
SW 3500: Social Welfare Policies
PSY 3400: Abnormal Psychology
MATH: Yuck.. I should have taken this SO long ago, but kept putting off, so yahoo for starting off my first semesters, of three semesters of Math. OH boy am I excited!
Yes. I am taking 18 credits, wish me luck.

After looking at my classes, I noticed that the Spring 2010 schedule, or at least the beginnings of it, are already posted. So I looked at the classes and got excited when it was easy to put the classes I need, together, without much effort. Yay! So, after having that much luck, I decided to try and put the rest of my classes together in a few more semesters, and successfully fit it all so that I can officially apply to my program in July of next year, and then Graduate May 2011. Yay me! This means that I will be taking at least 19 credits each semester, which might make me a not so nice, stressed out person, but I am determined to finish and get going with life after a Bachelors Degree!

.. even if that just means I will just move on to Graduate school.

Now I just need to figure out super Volunteer positions or Internships to go along with school. Any ideas? I am going to look at the following and see what I decide..
  • Senator Matheson's office (I know its not directly related to Social work, but its related to Nicole, and her interests.. haha)
  • The IRC
  • DCFS
  • Adoption Agencies
  • A hospital
  • The Ascend Humanitarian Alliance
The only depressing part of any of this, is that I am going to have to remain poor until May 2011. Ugh. But maybe the gift of school will keep going? haha, what I mean is, last year I was super poor, so this year, I am receiving more financial aid than I have ever even dreamed of. Perhaps if I keep being poor, I can keep receiving that financial aid, and somehow figure it all out. Let's cross our fingers.


Keri July 13, 2009 at 3:45 PM  

I am so excited for you to finish school! And I love the major you are doing. I think it will be quite interesting.

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