A giant pink inflatable mouse?

>> April 24, 2009

Jacques Rival, a French architect, made this contraption of a mouse and placed it in the Rhône river in Lyon, France. It is strange, yet awesome. His purpose was to inform people of the risk of floods.
{see other fun photos here}

Speaking of the French, they are a bit strange. Not really, I actually really enjoyed France when I was there a few years ago. Most of the French people were quite nice to us, they sure didn't live up to their rude snobby stereotype. The men did live up to their crazy, super forward image though. Perhaps I will tell that story another day. But man some of the French food...

Today was my last official day in my French 1010 class. Yay! We reviewed for our final a little but mostly we just ate French food. Croissants, French bread, Nutella, Éclairs.. YUM. For extra credit, our teacher wanted us to try pâté, let's just say Nicole will never try pâté again, and will never need to. Je detesté! It was like stinky salty pureed hot dogs or something. and I don't even like hot dogs. Ew. Ew. Ew. Did you know the French eat horse?

They are offering a French class this Summer, as kind of a Conversational community education class, where you don't get any credit. At first I was like, "well why would I want to do that?" but now I am thinking it might be a good idea, so I remember it and don't feel confused in August, especially since I have a different teacher next semester. Hmmm..

I do really like French, and think I am going to do the French minor. If it doesn't set me back too much. I have been playing with planning ideas for school, and am trying to get it done as soon as possible, without having a heart attack from too much school + homework while still working full time at The Rack. My adviser is having a baby in September, so I think I am going to meet with her soon, sometime this summer so that I can talk to her about plans and stuff and get everything all figured out for a year or so. I still regret never finishing school the right way. I truly should have just gone for it right after high school, continuously. But then I'm not even sure I would have gotten my degree in the right major, I truly feel that my major is what I truly want to do. I know so many people that have already gotten their degrees and now they're like like, "Crap, should've done _________" So as the French say, Autre temps, autres moeurs., translated: Other days (or times), other ways. Guess we all get to where we're going, sometime.

Ps ~ Happy 69th Birthday Al Pacino (on Friday), I love him as Michael in The Godfather. Perhaps I will watch it today to commemorate Al's birthday.


Kim J April 25, 2009 at 8:38 PM  

I feel the same way about school. It has taken forever but I'm also glad that I found the major I really want. You should do the French minor. I hope you get to go there next summer.

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