I LUV my Grandma

>> February 17, 2009

Tonight, after Ashley got off work we went over to visit with my Grandma Jean. She is doing a lot better, and has been home from the Nursing Home for a few weeks. I had the flu last week, so didn't get to spend a lot of time with her yet - the last thing she needed was to get the flu from me. But tonight.. she was hilarious. She was almost PUNCHY. Yes, my Grandma. Seemed. Punchy. She was giggly and telling stories about 500 pound chimpanzee, and Giraffes with purple tongues. She fed me Macadamia Nut chocolates, and then made me laugh so hard my stomach still hurts now.

I love my Grandma. Seeing her in that Nursing home made me sad, I hated going up there because I really didn't feel like she belonged there. I cried about it more than once. Yuck. But I am so excited that she is home now, and yes, she needs extra help, and yes she will for forever now, but it makes me really happy to see her in her own home, doing her own thing. I was also really excited tonight to see her so happy and giggly, she could be depressed and unhappy, having to go see so many doctors, and having nurses and physical and occupational therapists coming into her home all the time. But, she's not. She's the Giggly Crazy Grandma she's always been. I love you Grandma Jeaner.


Daisee February 18, 2009 at 1:58 AM  

I am really happy that you guys had alot of fun tonight with Gma Jean. I hope someday you guys can have that much fun with my mom too. I am glad that Gma Jean is up beat. It would be easy to get down with all that medical attention she has to have every week. She's probably just grateful that she is home! We will have to do something with her away from her house soon so I can go too. I wonder if she could venture to Gardner Village?

Ashley February 20, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

I loves my Grandma Jeaner too. :) She was so funny that night.

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