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>> February 20, 2009

  • Noah Wyle was on ER last night. That makes me happy. I am not happy however that the episode ended with him being on dialysis! If they kill Dr John Carter.. so help me..
  • Speaking of killing doctors. Have you heard that Katherine Heigl and T R Knight have been booted off Grey's Anatomy?? Katherine Heigl's character, Izzie Stephens has been my favorite since the beginning. The rumor is that they're going to kill her off, and with the way the story line's going.. Eek! I've loved Katherine Heigl ever since her movie, My Father the Hero, and I loved her on Roswell. But, she is in a new movie, The Ugly Truth, with Gerard Butler, so maybe it'll be good.
  • American Idol: all I have to say is: Yay. Danny. Gokey! and hallelujah Tatiana is gone. Yuck. AND I have to say, what's up with Paula's face? Her face is all weird.. all old lady, over tanned looking. Crazy. Or, maybe her makeup is just weird. I don't know.
  • In other non TV news.. I am counting down until U2's New Album, No Line on the Horizon comes out. March 3rd. I like the new Breathe song and Moment of Surrender might be my new favorite song... You can listen to them on Myspace, click here. The title of this post comes from a line in the Get on your Boots song, that U2 performed at the Grammy's.
  • Papa Roach also has an album coming out on March 24th. Yay! To listen to their single, Lifeline, click here. Thanks for telling me Ash! I like it. But I think scars, is my all time favorite song of theirs.
  • They are now having a French minor at UVU. I think I might do it. We will see. We will see. Too bad I can't go on the French study abroad in Nice and Paris this summer. I am so jealous - and it really would help me get a lot more credits. Sigh. I hate money!
  • I don't get to work at Macy's anymore. Not that I really wanted to.. but now I am not allowed. Ha. I got the job at Nordstrom Rack, and after they called to verify my employment with Macy's, the retarded human resources lady at Macy's called to tell me it would be a conflict of interest if I worked for both. I was going to quit anyway, but I just think it's lame. But I have issues with Macy's anyway. Yucks.
  • Last but not least, Yay for the Oscars this weekend!! I am excited. I still haven't seen all the movies, so that's crappy, but I really loved Benjamin Button, and I LOVE Brad Pitt anyways, so there ya go.
Happy Friday!


Ashley February 20, 2009 at 12:26 PM  

Geez you've blogged a lot this week too! I've been too busy. . :( I was gonna write one today.. who knows? Maybe I still will. If I have time. Yay for Oscars and Papa Roach! and you know I agree with you about Noah Wyle and Katherine Heigl. :(

Amanda M February 20, 2009 at 7:03 PM  

First off, that picture you have is awesome!! I have a totally thing for lip stuff!!
A study abroad program in France would be so much fun!! I really wish I could do it again!! Ditto to the stupid money thing!!

Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie February 23, 2009 at 8:16 AM  

I am so confused because I never know what to believe..I read all those rumors about "George" and "Izzie" leaving the show, but then I just read on people online that they were all rumors and they are not leaving the show. Who knows....I hope they dont! The show wouldn't be the same without them.

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