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>> January 24, 2009

This past week has been busy, and fun.

Last Friday, The University of Utah football team had a Championship Parade in downtown Salt Lake. For anyone who doesn't know, the Utes won the Sugar Bowl Championship in New Orleans on January 2nd, where they beat Alabama 31 to 17 in a fabulous game. It was awesome! This brought them to an even more awesome record of a 13-0 season. So of course we had to celebrate. My little brother really likes sports and watched the Utes very closely this season, so I convinced my mom to let me check him out early from school and we headed down to the Parade. We rode trax, and saw some quite interesting people on our way down, and even crazier people on the way home. It was a lot of fun.

Tim and Me bored on Trax

Tuesday, was my favorite day of the week, and perhaps my favorite day of the Year. I was so excited for Barack Obama, you'd think I personally knew him. Two out of three of my classes that day were canceled, so I decided to skip French and stay home. How could I miss the Inauguration? I was practically glued to the TV. for hours.

On Wednesday, my sister Ashley and I decided that it was just ludicrous that being Utah natives we had never been to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, and drove up for the afternoon. We got there right after my classes were over, around noon. At first, it was kind of boring, not much going on. So we looked at the map and festival pamphlet that they give you and tried to decide on a movie to go see. We chose Crude. But we had a few hours to kill so we wandered Main Street, hoping to see some celebrities or something exciting. We walked down to the Music Cafe and listened to Angel Taylor, I really liked her. Apparently she's the next Colbie Caillat. She was pretty funny too. We sat on the bench, and I saw some guys with tight pants and interesting hair and said "Look it's the Jonas Brothers!" Totally kidding. Then we heard them sing.. and liked it. Their name is Locksley, we really liked them as well. Minus the tight emo pants.

I should be a Celebrity

"The Twins" : Me and Ashley

After Locksley, we wandered some more and took some pictures of ourselves. Some weird guy walked by us and yelled all highpitched "Sir! Don't take pictures of me" like he wanted everyone to think he was famous or something. We were pretty sure he wasn't, and thought that he was just stupid. I saw him at Target yesterday. Working. The lady with him asked my sister and I if we were twins; and later took our picture, saying she "had to have a picture of the twins," Crazy people.

Walking back up the street, some guy said that if we wanted to see someone to take pictures of, Chris Rock was up by the O.C. Tanner Rolex Lounge. So we went up there. We never saw Chris Rock, but we saw some other famous people. One guy, Mike Burton was there, these other girls acted like he was famous, and he looked important since he was being followed around by a camera man and all. But, we're still not sure exactly who he was. We then saw Anthony Edwards and Minnie Driver come out of the Lounge. That was awesome! I really like Anthony Edwards when he was on ER, and on an alltime classic, Top Gun. He actually allowed for people to take a lot of pictures, Minnie kind of just ran away so we just got the back of her head.

Anthony Edwards

Minnie Driver
(She's the one with the black hat and brown curly hair, running away)

Adrian Grenier??

After our Celebrity encounters, we wanted more... we heard that Burt Reynolds was inside the Lounge, but never saw him come out. Sadness. And we saw a guy that could be Adrian Grenier, but probably isn't. We can dream though right? After all of our Celebrity sightings, it was too late to get on the waitlist for the movie, and we were starving so we headed to Taco Bell and called it a day. Next year we are determined to plan more, and buy tickets ahead of time. We might just have a career with the Paparazzi.

One regret I do have, is not knowing about a film that was at Sundance, that I was unable to see just because it was played on days that I had to do more responsible things, like work or go to school. It's called, The Reckoning. It is about the International Criminal Court. It was nominated for an award though, so hopefully it will get it and I can see it when it comes out on DVD. ~~ crossing fingers ~~

Friday, I went to Applebees with longtime high school friends: Alisha, Jihyei and Suzanne. That was a lot of fun. It had been a long time since I had seen Suzanne, and at least 6 months since I had seen Jihyei, so it was fun to catch up. Hopefully the next time we see each other won't be quite that spread out. We decided that someone really just needs to say "We are meeting here at this time, on this day, hope you can be there," instead of creating long email threads of complaints and opinions on where we should go and when. Much easier when it's simpler.
Suzanne, Alisha, Me, Jihyei

All in all it was a good week. Guess I should go do some homework now.


Amanda M January 24, 2009 at 8:29 PM  

You are such a nice sister for taking your brother downtown!! It looks like you guys had so much fun!
And I am a lame native Utahn too and have never been up to the SFF!! We should plan a time to go star gazing next year!!

Nicole Elkington January 28, 2009 at 7:41 AM  

Next year I am totally going to buy the tickets ahead of time, and plan it all out. That's for sure! We should plan to go to one movie together! :)

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