>> December 9, 2008

"Success is a consequence, and must not be a goal"
~ Gustave Flaubert
(them German Intellectuals.. some of them really are smart)

Things I have accomplished lately.. Success!

  • I just succeeded in finishing my Final for my Grant Writing class. I'm going to try and succeed in either selling, or burning that book. Hell yes am I glad it's OVER! Success!
  • I succeeded in getting a job within 8 days of finishing my temporary internship at UHC, and that 8 day count is including a Holiday weekend. Do I love it? No. Will it pay the bills while I look for something else? Yes. Success!
  • I succeeded in seeing the Temple Square lights this week, like I wanted to. Except that I didn't get to see all of them.. because I had to go take my silly final instead. Maybe on Saturday.. I'm excited to see Kim & Heather.
  • And, I have succeeded in really liking to write. Which, really can be seen as a success, an accomplishment, because by golly, in Elementary and Middle School I really hated it, and in High School and the first few years of College.. I could do it. But it wasn't something I enjoyed. And now.. on this 110th post on my dear blog friend, I really do love it. Success!

And then there are things that I need to work on..

Like getting a job, for after Macy's. And it'd be nice if it was one that, ya know, got me some insurance and benefits, things like that. Don't get me wrong, Macy's has been an adventure all its own. I had forgotten how Retail is (or maybe pushed it out of my memory?). How it's very.. interesting. The people are interesting, in their own weird ways. Some people on drugs.. others are never on time.. and always late.. it's just an odd place. That's all. But my, oh my, did I feel very proud of my wall of Docker's last night and my row of twin-set 11 inch pans today. I like to make things pretty. haha.

And a political note or two..

First and foremost, WTF Illinois? Another Governor being arrested for CORRUPTION? Enough said. Second, Yay! I hope that Caroline Kennedy really is chosen to be the next Junior Senator for New York State. Being placed in Hillary Clinton's now vacant seat would be so very awesome.

Third, Yahoo for Al Gore. I love that man. I think he really might be the solution to truly going green and at least stopping global warming. I'm so happy that him and President-elect Obama are collaborating on such an important issue.

And fourth.. MUGABE NEEDS TO GET THE HELL OUT OF ZIMBABWE! Between one half and two-thirds of Zimbabwe's population is now suffering from Cholera. When does this stop? Where does it end? I hate Mugabe.. he is one of those people that I'm always thinking I need to get a voodoo doll of. Maybe that's what I will write about next. Who should be on my voodoo doll list. haha. To learn more about what is making me so mad you can visit the following articles. One of them tells about the cholera.. another discusses President Bush's call for Mugabe to step down. Now, we all know I have problems with George Jr., but even he's seeing the light with Zimbabwe in crisis.

Maybe everyone should say a little prayer for the people of Zimbabwe, I know it really just makes me sad.

Oh.. and one more thing:



In Blue and Green December 10, 2008 at 1:56 AM  

I think Gustave Flaubert may have been right. It apppears success is a consequence. Those who make it a goal never seem to succeed. It always seems to happen by accident.
Great post on Zimbabwe.

Alisha H. December 10, 2008 at 8:52 PM  

Way to succeed! I think you are making a lot of progress. I went to see the lights this week too, its crazy how its not as decked out as it used to be but it was still beautiful! Lets get together soon, when are you free?

Heather December 11, 2008 at 4:35 PM  

Oh, that's so sweet. Thanks :)

Ardie December 11, 2008 at 5:02 PM  

You pegged it on the head when you said your co-workers are interesting in their own weird way. I'm working retail right now, too, and you've described my co-workers to a tee!

Amanda M December 12, 2008 at 5:25 PM  

Ahh, the joys of working retail during the holidays!! I totally know what you mean about the crazy people out there!! I swear they come out of no where this time of year!!
And a big YAY to you for surviving your grant class!! That is so awesome!!

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