Berlin Journal Entries
Der Boss und Der Banderas Bartender

>> July 28, 2008

Me & Ash, in front of the Berliner Dom

Dienstag, July 1, 2008

We arrived in Berlin at 10:00 AM. We were exhausted, and then they lost our luggage. So that wasn't too fun. But they delivered it to us at our hotel the same day. The taxi man that drove us to the hotel almost killed us. He did a "U-turn" (like a 5-point "U-turn"), in the middle of an intersection, and then proceeded to giggle about it.
When we got to our hotel, we wanted to check in. But couldn't. We had to wait 2 hours before we could. So the girl let us keep our Luggage (just our carry-ons) at the Hotel, and we ventured out to find food. Still tired and unable to hear very well (from our ears popping on the plane), we found a place called Diomiras , an Italian place by our hotel. The man was a little strange.. and never really showed any kind of emotion. We ordered Spaghetti Napoli with a coke for me and a sprite for Ash. This was our first experience with 0,2 l drinks. They are so small!! Apparently, in Germany, this is how it is! Tiny drinks, no refills, no ice and no water on the table. OH, and not much service during the meal either ~ at least, at Diomiras.
After we ate, we went back to the hotel, and got on the computer in the Lobby, and after awhile was able to check in. We pretty much passed out until Wednesday morning. OH jet lag.

Mittwoch, July 2, 2008

We were up bright and early, and decided to goto the Museums. Which has always been the reason we always wanted to visit Berlin: The Nefertiti Bust and the Ishtar Gate. While we were getting ready we watched the Cosby Show, dubbed in German. We spent forever in the Pergamon Museum, it was really cool. We took a lot of pictures, but then when you get to where the Ishtar Gate is they say "keine fotos" - no photos. :( So we had to buy postcards instead.

At the Ägyptisches Museum we saw NEFERTITI! It was awesome. The people who work at the Museum are a little paranoid though. You have to hold your purse, in your hand, down at your side.. It can't be on your shoulder. Strange!
After the Pergamon Museum we were hungry. There was an Italian place right there that looked good so we tried it. That was an experience... It was called Restaurant San Marino, and they had pizza and a place to sit down, so we liked it. A man that's later known as "Der Boss" (aka: Tony Soprano), came and took our order. When we told him we were from the US, he thought we meant Chicago.. Crazy Man. We got Margherita Pizza, with a coke and sprite. These drinks were also only 0,2 l, which Ashley read as 0,21 l, so she thought they were just a little bit bigger. haha. No refills here either (at least at first) , but we were so thirsty!

The Banderas Bartender said, "Alles Gute?" (meaning all is good?)
We said, "Ja, ist gut"
He replied with, "Gut, like you"

We laughed at the Antonio Banderas looking man and kept eating our pizza.. that had not come pre-sliced. Later, "Der Boss" walked by and winked at us. Eh, we just wanted our ticket. After the meal, the Bartender Banderas asked if we wanted coffee or cappuccino, we didn't want either but I decided to ask about water since we were both still thirsty...

I said, "Do you have water?"
He said, "No." with a grin
so I said, "Really?"
and he said, "yes we have water" in his Ger-Talian accent.
SO I thought we had understood each other.
But then he said "With gas?" which I heard as "with a glass?"
I replied with "with a glass? I'm confused.. "
He said "gas" again, and I finally thought that I had understood that he meant carbonation.
(However, after going to the Fuldners, and having their version of water with gas, I'm not so sure). But at this moment, I said no. I just wanted water. But it came carbonated anyway.

Then, he asked us where we were from. We said "The US." and he said "Yes, I like the US, for the cigarettes." Later, he walked by and said, "smoke" as he went to smoke. We still didn't have our ticket. I tried to tell Der Boss that we were done, and he finally brought us the ticket. When he did, he said something about "he bring fanta" (the start of our Berlin fanta addiction)
Der Banderas Bartender then came back and gave us fanta, "from Der Boss." He kept talking to us, and he said "How we make fun tonight?" We laughed. Then he said, "I no be here at 7." I acted confused.. as he kept asking. I tried to think of an excuse. I said, "We have to meet our friends," he said, "no, leave friends, come with me." I replied, "I don't think so." He told us to think about it, and went back to the bar. We chugged our very good, free fanta - the waters were also free, we later realised, and left quickly.
After Restaurant San Marino, we went to see Nefertiti, and had to use the bathroom. We asked for the toilette, and went down the stairs to use it. After, when we tried to leave the bathroom, I attempted to open it. It seemed LOCKED. We looked at each other in panic, and glanced over at the window. I tried again, and was able to open it. We were terrified for a few seconds. On the way out, I tripped on the stairs, and Ashley's AMAZING reflexes caught me. Yay for Ashley!
We then went back to the hotel exhausted.

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