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>> June 2, 2008

Alright, so I am getting a little nervous. 28 days.. eeeek! In 29 days I will be in Germany! Crazy Craziness..
So I decided to look up German culture, and see if there's anything I need to know.. so to speak.. and this is what I found. It is from this website: Understanding German Attitudes and Culture.

and here it is.. it's actually kind of funny, but I'm not sure how accurate it really is.

German Ways - Understanding German Attitudes and Culture

Germans do not cross the street against the light. :
Do not cross the street when the light is red, NO MATTER WHAT! Germans always wait for the light to turn green whether there is a car in sight or not. If you attempt to cross, you will probably be chided by at least one of the people in the queue and you will hear a general tsssk.

Germans are very direct and they are always right.: Most Germans have no problem telling you how they feel about something, even if you are a complete stranger. Don't try to argue with a German, it is a complete waste of time. Just remember they are always right, nod your head and don't waste your breath.

German cyclists rule.: When walking on the sidewalks in Germany, cyclists have the right of way. I am always pulling friends out of the way of bell-dinging cyclists that seem to have no hesitation in running down pedestrians. Never, ever walk on the part of the sidewalk that is designated as a bike path and when you cross the street make sure you stay in the pedestrian area and don't stray over the line into the bike path.

Germans are not prudes. : Public nudity is accepted in a lot of areas and Germans are not prudes.Saunas and pools are no exception, even in public parks, people bare their bodies to catch a few rays. Talking about sex is common and the nudity on television delighted my son when he was a teenager. Sex shops are a common occurence in most major cities and prostitution is legal so hang up your Puritan ways before heading to Germany.

Germans eat everything on their plate.: If you fail to eat everything that is on your plate you are likely to be asked by the waiter or waitress or your hostess if everything was OK. You are also likely to be scolded for not eating enough. As someone that was taught that leaving a little on the plate was good manners, I am very conflicted over this.

Germans like their rules.: In Germany, it seems there is a rule for everything. You have to abide by quiet times (generally between 1 pm and 3 pm weekdays and most of the day on Sundays) in residential neighborhoods. Walking across the grass in parks is frowned upon - you are supposed to stay on the paths. Never, ever question authority, it is simply not a good idea.

Germans love their autos and the autobahn.: "Given the choice between giving up a wife and a car, the German will give up his wife." I have heard this often from German men and know for a fact that the love affair with the auto is a fact. Cars are a status symbol - with a luxury car you can drive up to any hotel and get premium service. Not only that but the luxury cars in Germany are fast and when there is no traffic on the autobahn you can go up to 200 km an hour. I now, I did it in my Audi A8 and understand the love affair.

Germans love their dogs.: German dogs are the most well-behaved dogs I have ever seen. Whether in restaurants or on the streets, the dogs walk without leashes, keep their master in sight and don't fight with other dogs. I don't know if it is a law or not, but they must make these dogs go to school. I have never seen such well behaved dogs in my life. On the other hand, I have friends that actually have birthday parties for their dogs, inviting all the doggie friends over for biscuits and bones. Hey, dogs rule!

Germans are good guests, hosts and partiers.: Germans always bring flowers, a gift or wine when they come for dinner. Tables are always set and food is plentiful when you visit and you are never asked to help wash the dishes or clear the table. What's even better is Germans throw their own birthday parties - which absolves you of having to worry about organizing anything. Sit down at a table with a group of Germans at a festival and they will readily invite you into their conversation.

Kind of crazy..

I wonder which of these I will come home acting like.. or which ones will simply drive me crazy.. hmmmm. I guess only time will tell.


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