Amazement & Frustration

>> May 8, 2008

Americans produce enough Styrofoam cups
each year to circle the earth 426 times. That’s
one hundred cups per person per year.

I am amazed.
I am frustrated.

What kind of world do we really live in?!?

Let me explain why I am frustrated.

Styrofoam; which, is actually the common term for what is really called "Polystyrene"; which is made from petroleum. Yes, ladies & gentleman petroleum. But I'm not going to go into my feelings on petroleum, and this countries addiction to oil.

Back to styrofoam.. Let me first explain that I am a recycling freak. I hate throwing anything away. Hate it. So, when I goto a restaurant and they put my leftover food in a Styrofoam box for me to take home, or this morning when I went to Chik-fil-A and they put my drink in a Styrofoam cup I get a little frustrated. Apparently, Styrofoam is supposed to be good at insulation, keeping things cold, etc. However, is that really a good enough excuse? To use something that cannot be recycled just because you want your drink to stay cold?

Explain that one to me..

And this tidbit is why I love San Francisco: Restaurants in San Francisco are now required to use recyclable, biodegradable or compostable containers instead of Styrofoam, see link from, for yourself here.


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