Dear beautiful boy...

>> July 15, 2010

Dear beautiful boy on a Motorcycle,

I saw you on my way to school today, as I traveled to Orem for school. You were on a super busy street, on your motorcycle, without a helmet.

Because you didn't have a helmet, I could see how beautiful your face was. That was enjoyable, I have to admit. However, I encourage you to wear a helmet!

You wouldn't want to mess up that pretty face in an accident, would you?



your admirer in the big maroon truck

*** PS~ believe me you're not the only one! But every time I see one of you without a helmet, and you're on the FREEWAY I get so infuriated! Wear an effin' helmet dammit! 

Whew.. now that that's off my chest.. time for some Cognitive Psychology homework.

What letters do you wish you could send to strangers?

So excited tomorrow's Friday! 


The Insatiable Host July 17, 2010 at 3:19 PM  

Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Social.

I have to admit, that although it's nice to look at ( I mean who doesn't really want young, studly eye candy...) it's clear to see that these yummy bites of sweetstuff have no brains. Really riding a bike on a freeway without a helmet????

OMG! Some people should deffinately not breed.

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