>> June 12, 2010

Sorry for my being M.I.A. I am posting this from my phone, via gmail.com. I had my wisdom teeth, plus 2 other teeth, removed on Thursday. And I had been feeling pretty okay, until this morning. I started to ease up on my percocet last night, and woke up with my mouth hurting. After some vanilla ice cream, ice packs, and 2 percocet
later I feel better. BUT I also feel the foggy percocet halo above my head. I hate that! (I also hate that I only slept for 5 hours, and was eating ice cream at 5 AM, wtf?!)

Soooo.. I'll be M.I.A. a little bit, for the next few days.

But here are a few random thoughts:

Go USA today! I love the World Cup! and am excited for the game, even
if I think Rooney and crew are going to kick our American asses.

Can you believe today is the 1st anniversary of that crappy pseudo
election in Iran last year? Wow! Time flies. I hope the Iranian
revolutionaries haven't lost that fire that Ahmadinejad ignited.

Any Judds fans out there? They were my FAVE as a child, and They're
going back on Tour! I cant help but be giddily excited. My cousin,
Erica, texted me about it on Thursday and I just started giggling.

.. and, last thought for today - I went to the REAL SALT LAKE soccer game
on Thursday, which was followed by a performance by David Cook!! I
LOVE him! 2nd time I've seen him in 7 months.. I want to be his

What are you doing this weekend?


Alisha H. June 14, 2010 at 12:18 AM  

Love you my chipmunk friend!!! Feel better soon!!! ps I love David Cook!!! Whoot WHoot i would totally be a groupie with you!!!

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