4 Semesters

>> April 13, 2010

In one year.. this is what I'll be doing..

Last week I registered for my Summer and Fall classes. I kind of freaked out about it, see my tweet:

ahhhh, registering for fall semester. so stressful! I just want to graduate NOW! #school
I was totally stressed about it. Because there's SO much to make sure of, and I really just don't like it. I used to think it was fun.. to register, to pick new classes, blah blah blah.. but I have a major case of Senioritis (as a Junior.. yes, history is repeating itself, I had the same problem in High School). So I realllly just want to be done! 

.. WELL after figuring it all out, I should be able to Graduate August 2011! Which has been the plan for a few years  now, either May or August 2011.. but it feels better when I can see my plan, and see that there are only 4 semesters left, and that it is truly doable. 

Love it.

For those who care.. These are my classes for Summer & Fall. 

MATH (huuuuuuuurl)
BESC 3100: Career Prep for Behavioral Science majors (blahh)
ENGL 2300: Shakespeare
SW 4300: Counseling & Psychotherapy
PSYCH 3420: Learning, Memory + Cognition

PSYCH 2250: Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
PSYCH 3010: Psychological Statistics
SW 3150: Dispute Resolution
BIO 1010: Bio-freakinnn-ology

So yay, I will get to walk next May, 2011.. if I decide to don the whole cap n gown thing. Yes. And, I will finally have my diploma in August, 2011. Yahooooooooo! 


Keri April 13, 2010 at 1:49 AM  

I am so excited for you Nic! You have accomplished so much!

Jess April 13, 2010 at 5:10 AM  

Wohoo! Graduation is always SO exciting. My last quarter was so fun. I miss it. Adult life sucks haha.

Kim J April 15, 2010 at 2:54 PM  

4 semesters! That is so awesome! Your classes sound interesting. Not stats or biology but the psychology classes and Shakespeare. Cool!

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