50 things I love..

>> March 9, 2010

Thanks for all your motivational thoughts over the weekend. I need to do one, some, or all of those things that were suggested. I'm just not motivated! Eek!

I'm also behind in school.. so this is what I will entertain you with, as I try to come up with a creative way to present Quebec to my French class.. or to present Disassociative Personality Disorder to my Abnormal Psychology Class. Did I mention I hate presentations? And did I also mention that when I hate things, I totally procrastinate more than normal?

And we're off to a list of 50 things I love.

here are 50 things i love.. in no particular order
  1. my awesome siblings
  2. learning languages
  3. movies
  4. george clooney
  5. my friends
  6. the color red
  7. laughing
  8. costa vida
  9. traveling
  10. talking
  11. the beatles
  12. politics
  13. blogging, facebook, & twitte
  15. and beatles quotes
  16. audrey hepburn
  17. photography
  18. nelson mandela
  19. cnn
  20. "the silver fox": anderson cooper
  21. texting
  22. my job where i dont work nights or weekends
  23. shopping (esp now that i dont work in retail)
  24. new shoes
  25. a yummie salad bar
  26. the beach
  27. planting flowers
  28. rain
  29. retro posters
  30. london
  31. europe!
  32. starburst jelly beans
  33. fresh homemade salsa
  34. U2
  35. doing absolutely nothing
  36. fall leaves
  37. david cook
  38. purple
  39. hippies
  40. the dallas cowboys
  41. and the lakers
  42. paris
  43. french
  44. the godfather
  45. mazda 6's
  46. barack obama
  47. babies
  48. concerts
  49. sunglasses
  50. making lists


xoxoKrysten March 9, 2010 at 7:31 AM  

I totally love lists like this - they're so fun and POSITIVE!

Alisha H. March 9, 2010 at 11:16 PM  

Hey I didn't do too bad guessing your 50!!

Kim J March 12, 2010 at 4:08 PM  

Nice list. I should do one of these too.

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