Swine, Fawkes, Maine

>> November 5, 2009

  • I haven't written for awhile! Ugh. Too busy, too busy.. and NOW I have the Swine. Yes, you heard me, the Stupid Stinking Piggy H1N1 has hit my house. My brother got it first, then my mother and my sister, and now ME.. But at least it gave me a second to blog, right? I've been doing mostly everything on my phone lately. Checking facebook, and emails, reading a few blogs. But its SUPER hard to post a blog, or to comment on another person's blog on my phone.. so I really have been reading all your blogs, or at least... most of them, even when I wasn't commenting! I promise, after the swine has its time, I will be better.
  • Today is November 5th. And no, I'm not British. But I LOVE England.. and its crazy Holiday today. Today is Guy Fawkes Day! So we must remember, remember the 5th of November.. if none of you crazies know what I'm talking about, and I know PinkNic knows, because I borrowed her celebratory picture for Guy Fawkes Day, which hopefully doesn't make her crazy and go blow up Parliament. (that's what Guy and his friends attempted). I think that in my swineyness.. I'm going to watch V for Vendetta today. Since that's the only way for me to celebrate, in England they get fireworks and sparklers, and yummy food. Yeah.. not in Sandy Utah, but I love V for Vendetta.
  • So, back to the swine.. I don't get to go back to school, or work until November 12th! That's a week from today. WHAT am I going to do for a whole week?! I've been wishing for a "real day off", where I didn't have to go to school or work for a DAY. But now, I won't be making any money, which is just super pleasant.. I don't get to see any of my friends, at work, school, or anywhere else! Because naturally, I can't go ANYWHERE. And, everyone else is going to be in school, while I'm sitting on my ass at home falling behind. How cool is that? Not so much, yeah I agree.
  • On a Political Note: I am PISSED off at Maine. Why is it that people think its cool to choose hatred over any kind of love and equality?!? Just who are these crazy people, that I truly do not have any respect for?
  • OH and Phoenix was awesome.. I loved it. Pictures to come soon, probably in the next week, one of the days where I have more energy to go get my camera from downstairs and bring it back up here.


Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie November 5, 2009 at 11:46 AM  

AHhh I'm sorry you are sick with the swine flu! I am just praying that my kids don't get it. What are your symptoms?? I'm like swine flu paranoid! LOL. I hope you get feeling better soon. WAtch lots of movies and good shows...you should start watching some of the shows I watch, I'm not sure if you watch all those...One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy ;) all good stuff!!!!

Shirley Hale November 5, 2009 at 12:24 PM  

:( That stinks you have the flu. I was sick last week, but I am pretty sure it wasn't it. That's how I felt when I went on maternity leave. I was SO bored! But I still didn't want to do anything. I suggest reading books and watching TV series is a great idea Lauren! It will make time go by faster. And sleep. I love sleep and miss it very much. :) Hope you get better soon!

amisare waswerebeen November 5, 2009 at 6:26 PM  

So sorry to hear about the flu. Hope you get well soon. And good choice...I looove V for Vendetta.

Ashley November 6, 2009 at 12:27 PM  

I can't believe you have the swine flu! I hope the fam is okay. Feel better!

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