Travel Wish: Québec

>> September 14, 2009

Je voudrais voyager à Québec. Je veux aller à Québec, et parler le français à toute le monde.
( I would like to travel to Québec, I want to go to Québec and speak French to everyone)

Château Frontenac in Québec city

Quartier Petit-Champelin in Old Québec

This Stoneham resort, near Québec city looks pretty cool too!

Et Montréal..

Look how pretty Montréal is in the Fall! I want to go!

for those paying attention, yes, my travel wishes are usually tuesdays.. and yes, i know that today is monday, however, tomorrow is a special person's birthday so tomorrow's post is dedicated to him. and you get to see my travel wish, a day early instead. see? i am pretty awesome. haha.


Ashley September 14, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

you're a geek! that's what you are! let's go to canada!

Alisha H. September 28, 2009 at 12:08 AM  

My brother in law served his mission in those areas, and has talked my ear off about these amazing places! So i have always wanted to go there!!! They pick up and go to visit Quebec and Montreal and what do i get? To BABYSIT!!! SO holy cow sign me up! I want to go to Canada and see all the amazing things to see.... BUT i will leave the french to you! =)

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