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>> August 12, 2009

I'm so excited for Fall TV! The CW is starting a lot of their shows in September, which is awesome , and makes me super excited.

So here are some bulleted TV-ness:

  • I thought Grey's Anatomy was all decided and out: Katie/Izzie was coming back, T.R./George was not.. And this seems to fully confirm it. But what are they going to do about Ellen Pompeo's pregnant-ness?
  • American Idol: Paula's gone. Yahoooz. I was sick of listening to her babble that just kept going and going and going, and didn't have a point. AND her clapping and dancing! Ugh! Now they have announced that some guests judges will basically replace Paula. Some confirmed guest judges are Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham: That'll be fun!
  • Fringe: The season finale was so good! I almost forgot what it was about and then I heard that they have decided to have two alternative universes this year. One where Peter's father is in one universe, and then Peter and all of us are in 'this universe.' BUT I have decided that I would like a ticket to the other Universe! John Lennon is still alive on that side! I wonder how much a plane ticket to over there would be....
    (pssssst.. I know I can't really do it, but if I could, wouldn't that be awesome?!)
  • Jay Leno: this premiers September 14th, with Rihanna's first appearance after the Chris Brown crap, she'll be on Jay with Kanye and Jay Z. Will I be watchin'? You better believe it.
  • Vampire Diaries: Have you seen the preview for this? It looks kinda good.. and kinda laughable. It looks like a cheesy weekly version of Twilight - as if Twilight wasn't already cheesy enough.. But, I have to admit, I will probably watch the first episode. I can't embed the video for the Trailer, but the link is here.

These are the Premieres I'm looking forward to.. (is it sad that I get this excited? oops)
For the premiere calendar from TV guide click here.

  • Sept 8: 90210 / Melrose Place (man this feels like deja vu..)
  • Sept 10: Vampire Diaries / Supernatural
  • Sept 14: One Tree Hill / Gossip Girl / Jay Leno
  • Sept 16: The Beautiful Life (complete with drama from Mischa Barton, and produced by Ashton Kutcher)
  • Sept 17: Fringe / SNL Weekend Update Thursday
  • Sept 21: House / Heroes
  • Sept 24: Grey's Anatomy
  • Sept 27: The Amazing Race


LiLu August 12, 2009 at 1:53 PM  

I am SO excited for Fringe! Love me some Walter :-)

Ashley August 13, 2009 at 8:47 AM  


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