I need retail therapy

>> July 3, 2009

Working in Retail.. causes one to really need some Therapy: Retail Therapy.

This is a day in my life at work... and who said Retail was for slackers?

.. clock in, grab walkie talkie, name tag, yay..

.. answer phone, no ma'am we didn't receive any refurbished purses, whilst thinking you don't have to call everyday lady, I told you yesterday I'd call you if we ever receive any..

.. open case, yes sir, its a very popular watch, ::: sending BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT vibes:: yes, it has a 2 year warranty, no, I don't have any idea why it only has a 2 yr warranty when its an expensive Armani watch.. but look how nice it is? and such a good discounted price.. :: BUY IT BUY IT:: ...

.. pick lingerie up off the floor, mumble about children and their annoying parents ..

.. make announcement about sunglasses ..

.. check dressing room .. laugh at a manager that always seems to be trying on something while working..

.. pick purses off the floor ..

.. ask woman searching for bra if she needs any help ..

.. laugh at her inside when she asks for a 30G, nope don't have that size.. :: try not to look at her chest in confusion::

.. make purses announcement ..

.. open case for two old ladies to look at the ugly Burberry necklace.. yes, isn't it unique? and i love the color.. :: BUY IT BUY IT ::

.. pick lingerie off the floor, again. rehanging bras..

.. make watches announcement ..

.. stop to laugh with Lali as she sings Reunited ..

.. check dressing room again ..

.. drop Neutrogena on the floor as I carry a box to replenish with. :: oops :: ..

.. organize CDs ..

.. size racks .. write on manager's board ..

.. make sunglasses announcement ..

.. do a bra fitting ..

.. check dressing room ..

.. organize wallets and purses ..

.. check watch, think OMG lets get out of here, it's 9:00! ..

.. leap for joy when the closing announcement is finally made at 9:15 ..

.. think didn't you hear the announcement? as people mess up the purses and sunglasses ..

.. think, man my feet hurt, I need new shoes..

.. dust fixtures and cases ..

.. check dressing room one last time ..

.. pick lingerie off the floor ..

.. listen to night rally, feeling not too surprised when hear we didn't make our goal ..

.. clock out, bag check, walk out with Lali for buddy night ..

.. drive home thinking :: awe man, I have to do it all over again tomorrow:: ...

PS: This post was written and scheduled before a bunch of stupid crap happened at work, and I started totally hating it.. so if anyone has a super job idea, in the Salt Lake or Orem area, totally let me know!


Jana July 3, 2009 at 11:53 PM  

The retail world is certainly not for pansies! I think everyone should have to work in retail some point in there life. Then hopefully we wouldn't have those obnoxious children and passive parents tearing apart our stores every second of every day! Do I sound bitter? ;)

Ardie July 7, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

Jana definitely has a point. I also think it would make the customers treat the workers with more respect and kindness. I LOATHE retail jobs, but I must say, I've certainly learned how to curb my tongue and feign patience and understanding. :)
Good luck on the job hunt. I hope you find something more to your liking!

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