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>> July 16, 2009

Life is kind of a strange thing. I mean.. I was told recently that my friend, (who I thought was a conservative religious girl), has a "favorite swear word": shit. Not that I don't swear.. and that I don't appreciate the word shit. Because seriously, when you say "I have a lot of crap to do" it just doesn't take on the same dramatic effect that "I have a lot of SHIT to do" does.

What's interesting is that I found it surprising. But why can't she have a favorite swear word? Because in High School way back when none of us really swore? And we were all good Seminary (see Mormon dictionary ;) ) goers, and everything? She even said later, "was it even really realistic for us to think none of us would ever swear?" So, as I said Life is strange. I mean, I myself, worked for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka: Mormon) Church for 3 years. Three years! That means I prayed in meetings, at work , that I had to give short talks, and spiritual thoughts, at work , we even sang hymns at work . And do I swear?! Hell yes, you better believe it! And.. do I attend church? Uh, that'd be a negative.

Its just weird the way things change, and the way they stay the same. We still make fun of each other, and laugh too loud.. or when we go to our friend's shower of mixed groups of people, where we don't know everyone, do we make an entrance? Of course we do!

The funny thing is, I think its the fact that we have grown up. We're adults now, not teenagers trying to please.. whoever we were trying to please. There were four of us tonight, Half of us never attend church anymore, and out of the other remaining half, one goes to church every few months, and the other attends church weekly but also has a favorite swear word. It was interesting, someone brought up a few sticky topics, and it almost felt like I was getting to know these old friends over again. These are people I have known for at least 14 years. But, since we don't see each other very often, and have now had our own life experiences, we have different points of view. As one friend said, we discussed what you're not supposed to : Gay Marriage issues, Abortion, Religion, Politics, etc.. and we really didn't necessarily agree, but its not like I was the lone liberal, and they were the hard right conservatives. It was nice. I think sometimes, all of us, including me, tend to put each other in "boxes" of liberal, conservative, religious or not, democrat or republican, and really its our lives and our experiences that make us who we really are.. and we really didn't know who or what that is in middle school.

Side note: I had frogurt tonight for the first time, after hearing TONS of hype about it, mostly from Ms. Bethany Mosley, and I love it!


Ashley July 16, 2009 at 10:55 AM  

I remember these people. haha. Jihyei was my best friend. haha jk. We gave each other presents. Oh yeah.

Proud2B!Right July 16, 2009 at 12:59 PM  

Isn't it a bit ironic how liberals demand open minds and freedom of everything, including ideas, unless they are conservative? I thought libs didn't want to label people as gay/straight, black/white, citizen/illegal, etc. So why does your mind, upon seeing old friends, automatically switch over to "who is conservative???". Im not attacking, just making a subtle observation from the back.

And Jihyei, shame on you for your favorite swear word. You know better.

Bitch is much more fun to say than Shit. Did I teach you NOTHING in high school????

Alisha H. December 21, 2009 at 11:48 PM  

Must have missed this post..... months ago.. BUT i was present at this dinner that brought on your realization... It is weird to look at life and how it all works out, or doesn't work out, or meshes with the past... its all crazy! And we all change...

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